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Wedding dinner - Shangri La Rasa Sentosa

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  • Wedding dinner - Shangri La Rasa Sentosa

    Hi all!

    I have tentatively booked my wedding banquet with Shangri La Rasa Sentosa on the 9th of May but have yet to settle many things with the co-ordinator yet...

    Does anyone have any experience or have booked a banquet with them before?

    I have booked the White Fence area (a green lawn with short white fences facing the sea) for the solemnisation and the Pavilion ballroom for my dinner.

    I know having it there might mean more headaches, epecially since I have to think about transportation and the weather. Sigh, but I like that place and I think I am going to try and go ahead with it.

    Any advice to share? Or experiences to tell? Help needed badly!!

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    Hi there,
    I've just attended a colleague's wedding there.. beautiful place! Uve chosen the right heavenly place for wedding..

    Though its really a little inconvenient for transportation, shuttle services are provided for us, mainly to 3 places - jurong mrt, city hall & a carpark situated in sentosa itself. Don't worry... its not ??? bad because i personally find the shuttle services really helpful. The only thing is the dinner has to end earlier than usual as most people would want to get out of the place much earlier so as to make sure they get home by midnight.

    Doubt Ive been helpful as i cant provide details of the booking. Just my ten cents worth as one of the guest...


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      Wow! Glad to know you had a great time! Which ballroom did you go to? The one upstairs or the one underground.... I took the one upstairs...both the ballrooms have different effects, depending on preference....

      Oh, and how was the food? Was a little worried about that..I didn't even consider the quality of the food before booking my banquet...was too caught up with the view.

      Glad to know you had a great time! That eased my worries a little...THANKS!


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        Hi, I have attended both the outdoor (overlooking sea) and ballroom wedding at shangri la rasa sentosa.

        The outdoor one I attended was an evening one. Both dinners was quite alright. The ballroom one which I attended was the one at the basement. That ballroom was a little narrow and long, a little difficult for guests to see what was going on. The one you selected, I have not seen it before.

        I have to say, food was okay. The only frustrating thing is that kitchen is pretty slow, so alot of interval between dishes. But that was really a few years ago so things may have changed.

        Hee... just a little info here. Couldn't help you much.....


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          Buttercup, you may want to take note of this. My hubby was there for dinner last night and he said the waiter to table ratio was like 1:3. This resulted in some tables not being served their dessert yet when other tables have finished theirs and guests were leaving already. Just check with your co-ordinator what will your waiter to table ratio be like. Try to settle for at least 1 waiter to 2 tables HTHs


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            Food Poisoning

            Buttercup, I suggest u to put more attentions on the food hygiene issue. It is very sad to tell you that the food poisoning accident happened in 3 years ago for my company D & D.

            We had a buffet style-dinner that night. The food was ok and they served seafood, e.g. Oyster, prawns...etc Everyone was happy that night (Saturday night). Then, when I came to work on Monday, HR told us that there were more than 10 people got food poisoning on Sunday Morning & night. Some got the symptoms on Monday too - vomiting, diarrhea, fever & no strengthen to walk. Most of them got 2 days MC and luckily everyone was recovered after several days rest.

            Our HR complained this to Shangri-La Rasa Sentosa and collected all the medical certificate & receipts for evidence. At First, the hotel was apologized for the mistake and agreed to make compensation S$50 voucher to every "victim" + refund 50% of the D & D expenditure to us. However, after the agreement and my company decided not to sue the hotel, the hotel changed the explaination: It was caused by the freshness of the seafood, not the hotel fault...blar blar..... :piss: How could they say like that?

            I was one of the lucky one who didn't got food poisoning because I ate 1 Oyster only that night. So did some of my colleagues.

            Because of this accident, none of us dares to go to any Shangri- La restaurants for meals, especially Rasa Sentosa one. We had lost our trust to this hotel already.


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              The freshness of the food must be "guranteed" by the vendor, what! Otherwise, what good are those hygiene certs issued by our government?


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                my colleague is holding her dinner this Feb. IIRC, she said that the food wasn't exactly that fanstastic, just okay. but the place and environment is nice


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                  Quite a few of my relatives have had wedding dinners there, though all in the 'ballroom'. Food is decent, nothing to shout about. Service is definitely so-so, polite but clearly inexperienced and quite fumbly. And not too attentive either.

                  The lawn area is very romantic, but do watch those weather reports!


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                    Omigod! You gals are scaring me!!!!!!!

                    I better take note of all these comments and make sure i voice them out to my coordinator!!

                    And food poisioning at a wedding dinner is definitely not something i should even be worried about! To think that I should even have to voice that out to her. OMigod!

                    I did hear about the very so-so food there, but i must admit, i was too in-love with the "by the sea" kind of wedding that i thought quality of food is something i can put in second place.

                    Sigh, now seriously worried.

                    But thanks gals, for helping me out. I will definitely welcome any comments on the hotel.


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                      I think the food poisoning is a one off case.

                      As for the service, personally I don't think it will make much difference even if you point out to the coordinator. Reason being, each hotel has a pool of waiters and waitresses. Some hotels are strict with selection and training, some not. And for each banquet, they will tap on their existing pool of waiters esp the part timers. I doubt they will do more for you, at most before dinner began, they just remind those on duty to do their best, be polite etc during briefing (if there is one at all).

                      But, this is just my opinion, I may be so wrong. Anyway, you cannot possibly control every aspect of your wedding. As long as you like the place, feel comfortable, you should go for it. Too much consideration sometimes is unnecessary, it will prevent you from enjoying the things that truly matters on your wedding day


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                        Services in the Hotel

                        From my experiences, i had been to several 5-star hotels which are considered very high class one for wedding dinners & conference banquet. I think the service for most of the hotels in Singapore is average, especially for wedding dinners. I just find that most of the waiters & waitresses are not well trained, even in Raffles Hotel, Mandarin Hotel & Shangri-la.

                        I paid for S$100 to attend a wedding dinner in Raffles Hotel last year. The service & food were so disappointing The dishes are too simply (only 8 dishes). In fact, the service is the main factor of disappointing me. It was too noise when the people collected the plates. One of them even almost fell the whole plate on my bf. Can you imagine that? What does a 5 star hotel service like? :roll:

                        For good service, Riz Calton & Suntec City Exhibition & Convention Hall are the best. Both offer good service & good dishes when serving guests.

                        For guests, although service & food are not the main purposes to attend a wedding dinner, the guests may have bad memories if you ignore them.


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                          Frankly speaking, I feel that if the food is simply okie, the service should at least make up for it.

                          I have seen terrible service at dinner banquet before myself. One of such is Marina Mandarin. It was terrible, waiters were totally inexperienced, they were obviously temps with no training whatsoever. One of the waiters trembled when placing the dishes on the table, and we were wondering when he would actually do the ultimate and accidently spill the food onto a guest. And he was also trembling when he was pouring soup from one bowl to another, and little droplets of sharkfin was all over the table. And the worse was this, the plates with food in it were WRAPPED up in the clear plastic sheets, and they PRESENTED it that way onto the table, with the waiters stuggling to remove them before we could eat.

                          The food was nothing to shout about, hardly remember much of it. I would have thought the dinner went quite alright if not for the horrible service. That was why i was willingly to place food in the second place, after venue.

                 matter what, i should at least voice:shout: this concern of mine to the coordinator and with some luck, both food AND service would be better...


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                            Buttercup, I am so sorry to hear of your experience at Marina Mandarin. Actually I had my wedding dinner there and it was quite opposite from what you experienced I had very good feedback from my guests. They loved the ambience and the food. In fact, I had some to-be-married-friends who asked the banquet manager for their banquet price-list before they left that evening!

                            Those of our parents' friends who were known to leave early during wedding dinner also stayed on until the end and some even made a second entry into the guests book which we left at the reception throughout the night to comment on the good food and service!

                            Oops, just in case I sound like I am working for Marina Mandarin.... I am not I just got carried away reminising about my wedding banquet


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                              I've splitted the thread up.

                              Look for Wedding dinner - How much to give? to discuss the average $$ to give for a wedding dinner.