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    This may be a well-known housekeeping weapon to some, but i'll still post it here -- The magiclean mop! It's amazing... no need for sweeping or mopping of floors in my household.
    mummy, auntie and grandma are all converts! They love it now, cos it saves them so much work. It picks up everything, and it works dry actually. plus, you can use both side of the wipe to maximise usage, minimise cost

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    Yup, islande, old news, at least for me!
    My house is a Magicclean house too and gosh, I still remember the inane conversations I had with JC classmates during free breaks, etc...talking about the wonders of Magic Clean (recommending to each other and then wow-ing about it!) and how many times we need to change a bucket of water in order to mop the whole house.

    Future housewives in the making, all whilst waiting for Economics lectures to start.


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      the wonders of Japanese technology! making housecleaning accessible to all during CNY i learnt thru housewive gossip there is this Magiclean Sponge. is it old news in your house too? heh heh.

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        Here is a great article about fun ways to keep your closet neat and your clothing tidy. Get inspired by the aesthetics and ease!

        Having trouble finding what to wear each day? Check out these fun ways to unclutter even the most chaotic closet. Source

        Handbag Hanger
        has 7 hanging loops that each hold 2 to 4 handbags. $25 at

        Canvas Jewelry Organizer
        80 pockets on this dual-sided organizer that hangs in your closet to save space. $16.99 (sale) at


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          the handbag holder is cute! but is it enough for us?


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            we probably need to get at least 5!!!