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    If you want to have some relaxing time at the beach, I think you should go to the beach around Jimbaran or Nusa Dua (best for water sport )

    Here's just a little tips for you.. whatever you're deciding to buy (at the shops around the beach) you have to DEAL !!! Coz they'll give you a quiet high price if they know you're a tourist ( as for me who's a local tourist they're too scared to give us the high price ). And also if you want to have a temporary tatoo, massage, or such a things at the beach you also have to deal the price.


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      All this talk about Bali and beaches is making me itching to go there! Need to find a travel buddy though.... argh.


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        Hi Ladies,

        I might be going Bali in late April. Pending for the tickets confirmation.

        But me and my bf are looking for some medium price range(below US80bucks per nite) hotels but hopefully with nice sea scenery nearby.

        Looking at the hotels near kuta beach area. Has any one of you went there before? Any suggestions of which hotel is nice?

        I hoped to do some spa there hee hee...

        Also I am making a list what are the things to try(based on this thread too - thanks for the info gals). Any other things i should be aware of?

        Welcome any tips and suggestions. Thanks in advance


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          I just went to book a trip to bali
          will be staying at Nusa Dua Resort. Understand that it's a 5star hotel? is it good?

          i paid $668 for 5 days 4 nites via SQ!

          hope it's worth the money!
          taking an evening flight though, leaving on the 20th to 24th july!!


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            conrad bali seems to be very cheap!
            i was wondering if i had make full payment and i wanna switch hotels, is it possible?


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              this is a fab site to book seperate day trips in bali!!!!


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                Hi Alya,

                I was this close to visit Conrad Bali Resort and Spa. The promotion was dirt cheap:

                3 DAYS / 2 NIGHTS:
                Twin: S$468
                Child: S$408
                Child No Bed: S$260

                Package Includes:
                - Return economy class airfare on Singapore Airlines (Booking Class ?N?)
                - Return airport transfers
                - Two nights accommodation with breakfast

                However this promotion was already over (must travel by 30 Jun).


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                  wow queenie, that looks quite good!
                  u sure are right about it being dirt cheap!


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                    Wow Queenie, that is dirt cheap! Wish I knew about this promotion earlier. SO and I have been wanting to go to Bali for a long time.


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                      Sorry for being so blur girls! My friends and I are thinking of going to Bali but we're not sure where to search for the best deals. We're used to searching online for cheap bargains, but it doesn't seem to be the norm in Sg? :huh: Are there certain travel agents that specialise in cheap trips to Bali? :huh:

                      Also, what exactly is there to do in Bali? Can we tour the island alone or is a tour guide recommended? Are there particular spas/hotels you would recommend?

                      I'm so sorry for bombarding you girls with questions!


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                        What exactly is there to do?? What do u do when u go holiday? I guess is just those usual stuffs Hang out at the beach, enjoy your hotel facilities, go shop around, eat non stop.....

                        Bali beach is not that appealing to me, if u got budget, can try taking a ride to the offshore islands for better seawater view

                        Not sure where has the best deals now, but everywhere is having promo on airfares. I think to stay at Hard rock Bali is quite cool and convenient


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                          thanks girl!

                          It's just that everyone just basically chills on the beach. I was wondering if touring the island is a popular option?


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                            I didnt really tour the island when i was there sometimes back, but i do know people who did so.... when u have enough $$, u can simply do anything u want


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                              Xue, personal opinion here, do some research online about what there is worth to see in Bali. my parents had their honeymoon there and have been there twice since then, i think they did tour the island when they went. i think there is some old ruins/temples to see on the island. aside from that, nothing much. oh ya, some markets selling touristy stuff i think. that should be it.

                              they stayed at Nusa Dua Beach Resort. oh, if you guys want a beach holiday, make sure you choose a hotel near the prime beaches. some hotels are actually inland Bali just a gentle warning


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                                i;m going to tour the island
                                check out the link i set up then.
                                they actually introduce some of the tours etc to take! even the elephant resorts etc etc