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    hi all

    i need some advice, i will like to take up some professional certificates related to HR. i was thinking of either taking up SAP or PeopleSoft. any cotters took up such courses before? any advice as to which is better? or are there other courses out there that are better?

    my company is implementing SAP and i know a lot of organisations are also doing so, kind of in a dilema (sp??) over which to choose. the course fees will be out of my own pocket, cos i want to increase my market value so it's easier to find another job

    appreciate all comments
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    Hey Lumos,

    Between the two, Peoplesoft is stronger in HR management. Most companies implement Peoplesoft for the Human Capital Management facilities. As for SAP, it is popular for its ERP functionalities.

    If your company is implementing SAP, I'm sure they'll spend some money for your training on that.


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      hey dimples, my company has already implemented the HR module of SAP but i was not around then so i missed the training. would rather take up the course myself as it adds onto my market value

      am still dithering between the 2, SAP seems to have a larger market share so i may take it up. the courses are expensive though, $960 just for a 2 day introduction to SAP HR


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        Human Resource

        Hi all

        Anyone of you are in the Human Resource field?I wanted to know what it really takes to work in this field. I hope to advance my career in HR but then I lack the experience and qualifications. I wonder whether companies would want to hire an inexperience person and re-train him/her


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          what about taking a course in HR? example a grad dip in HR from SHRI/ SIM


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            I am currently doing diploma in business administration. but wonder whether companies would accept me after i graduate since i am not major in HR


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              HR in the public sector seldom hire perm fresh graduates in the first place, suggest that you take up some contract hr jobs to get a step in

              perhaps you want to take up a course on the employment act to supplement ur dip.

              By the way, dip holder in HR departments of MNCs are typically operational. More business HR or strategic HR or specialised HR roles requires degree and above.


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                i always see HR ppl as discipline ministress in my co.


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                  i'm currently working as a HR personnel in an MNC. i like working here as i get to do a range of things and our dept is quite closely knit, it also helps that my colleagues in the other dept are very friendly and helpful

                  i think in order to succeed in HR, you must have an outgoing personality and genuinely like being around people. it will also help if you have a good attitude and are willing to learn


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                    I don't think I will want to work in public or civil service again, i would prefer to work in private sector now. as i can gain more exposure and able me to learn more.

                    Thanks for all your advises.

                    Really hope I am able to secure a HR job soon.


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                      Peoplesoft and SAP are systems that require hands on practice/experience. I think it is not critical for you to take the courses.

                      The courses are pretty expensive. It's better for you to learn on the job. You'll remember better.


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                        Personally I feel that 'bigger' companies i.e. larger headcount; typically use Peoplesoft.


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                          Is this field a tough one? many companies are not willing to train people ... most of them prefer experienced HR candidates


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                            any tips for interviewees?? im jobless for a few mths..and i always fail at the interview part..


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                              really give up to work in this field...HR just refused to train newbies...i am willing to learn but not given an opportunity