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    Got a degree in Business mgmt, yet ventured into HR. Wasnt even a HR major....

    But my experiences in HR got me somewhere. Cos I worked in 2 companies, doing HR stuff while studying. So have little problems getting entry level jobs.


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      Can i ask what are the career prospects like in HR? I am thinking of switching fields and am willing to take a pay cut but what is the career adcancement like? Are the jobs very routine in nature?


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        I just landed myself a Regional HR job...

        But always wanted to do HR Consulting... Wonder when will that day come?


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          hi ruthie, your job sounds like what i want to do..

          What is it about HR consulting that you like?


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            Mine is the full spectrum of HR functions, i.e. Recruitment, Comp & Ben, Training etc on a regional level.

            This is funny, cos I always wanted to do consulting work (combine sales + HR knowledge) and while you want to do Regional HR.

            Are you with one of the Big 3 HR consulting companies? E.g Mercer, Hewitt, Watson??


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              Hahha sounds fun! More on corporate side huh...

              I guess I'm not too into consulting becos of the sales element.. I dont like working under targets and quotas and having to source for new clients ???

              Nope not with those companies, though i have classmates with 2 of those you mentioned.. My co. is MNC but not v big in Sg I should say.


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                Did you grad from NTU? Then it will make me your senior!!

                Ya those are big companies.. when I graduated.. all freezed recruitment.

                Does your company name start with "C"?


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                  Originally posted by frankie
                  Peoplesoft and SAP are systems that require hands on practice/experience. I think it is not critical for you to take the courses.
                  Are these the only systems most big HR companies use? Do the creators always update the version, just like what the Fidelio people do for hotel systems? I'm just really curious how companies manage talents. There're so many aspects of HR, and the processes so tedious I think if someone can come up with the most user-friendly system they should make everyone buy it of course, the costs increase or diminish according to the capacity needed.. else people will just rely on loads of word and excel documents


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                    Sighs.... I totally understand. I am looking at so many spreadsheets everyday...

                    The data extraction is the tough part... analysing it is not so difficult in my opinion...

                    Can't wait for my company to embark on Peoplesoft!


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                      is the hr market really bad now? im having probs finding a gd job for so long........feel v depressed


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                        Are you referring to a HR job, whiteveil?

                        I think it seems ok ... I still got several calls from headhunters and job agencies!


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                          yes im looking for a hr job......preferably those senior hr post. went for many interviews but still no luck v sad


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                            Are you very senior? Approx. how many years experience?

                            Ever tried revamping your resume? It helps you know?

                            Wishing you all the best in your job search! It took me quite a while to get this job too... but don't give up!


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                              which school is better if I wish to sign up for HR course. Is there a min qualification required? Currently working as admin but wish to focus on HR as HR pay ia better right?


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                                I think SIM has a Specialist Diploma in Comp & Ben. If you want to focus on HR Compensation & Benefits, position yourself as a Compensation & Benefits person, not just Payroll Administration.

                                Good luck for your personal career development!