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    Originally posted by blurblur25
    Looking at the classified section the past few days, I dont really see any position for HR. If I intend to work in HR field where should i start looking?

    I always see HR Assistant positions...


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      yes get yourself subscribed to one of the online job portals posted by ruthie, there are actually plenty of jobs out there. i myself subscribe to a weekly update by jobstreet and jobsdb


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        career switch - accountancy to HR

        I was thinking of making a career switch from accountancy to HR, after 6 years of working in the accounting field, but it appears after i read this thread and your posts (esp. from whiteveil) that the market is tough even if i take the grad dip in HCM? Or is the market better for Comp and Benefits specialists instead of HR generalists?


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          Any HR professionals around to give me some advices? I'd like to know if HR will do a referal check for all new hires? That is to check the duration the newly hire is with his previous company, start and end date, salary, if he is there as temp/perm/contract, etc? Thanks!


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            Hi felicity!

            Yes reference checks will be conducted, especially when a resume looks too good to be true and also to verify abnormal salary increments/promotions.

            Also, for higher level positions, reference checks are conducted so as to verify the credibility of the candidate.

            Hope this helps!

            P.S: NEVER lie in your resume!


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              Originally posted by namida
              wonder whether i will be feeling better if i were to switch industry...
              Are you still doing HR? Think you been in HR only for a short while, think abt changing so soon? HR not good huh?


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                Anyone working in HR Consultancy? Business Process Outsourcing, Compensation & Benefits? in companies like Mercer, Watson Wyatt, Towers Perrin? Or others?

                Am considering a position with one of the global consulting companies, how's the business like? Share please...................


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                  hey guys

                  anyone of u taken any hr course with shri? namely grad dip in HCM? the Grad dip by sim wont be avail till 2008!!

                  wanna know whether the grad dip by shri is as recognisable.. thanks!


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                    It definitely is, cos SHRI is the professional HR body in Singapore.

                    Otherwise, can consider MDIS, they also offer grad dip in HR.

                    Actually, is HR work really interesting? Seems very desk bound right?


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                      Does any know a good place to take up a grad dip in HR other than shri and MDIS?


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                        Im currently taking Basic Cert in HRM by SHRI sponsor by my company. SHRI is also widely recongised in Singapore so I think is better to take up course there.

                        The downside is the classroom is not as good compare to PSB Academy.


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                          I think SIM (now UniSIM)'s Grad Dip is the most recognised in Singapore?


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                            I think SHRI certs are awarded by SHRI (meaning locally). I am looking for a grad dip HRM course that is awarded by some foreign university. Anyone know of any?

                            Basically, I prefer something that can be recognised elsewhere (other countries) besides Singapore. I think it will provide me with a better opprtunity for future career development (maybe even working in another country). Anyone care to share on this?Feel free to correct me if I am wrong. Thank you!


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                              Usually qualifications offered by a foreign university are Bachelors and Masters degrees. Seldom see them just offering grad diploma? If so, they are usually distance learning and won't be regarded as a full qualification by employers.

                              If you are just interested in grad diploma, go for the UniSIM one. Its cheaper and well recognised by employers in Singapore.


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                                Grad Dip in HRM

                                I am currently a HR assistant working in a US MNC, trying to apply to study GDHRM either from SHRI or UniSIM (heard many said UniSMI is much better but of course more difficult to get it esp I am not from poly).

                                Well anyway, I just want to ask if anyone is currently taking this course or already graduated to highlight what do I have to expect from the course. Eg Industrial Relations - what will they teach and focus on?