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Wild Rice's Asian Boys Volume 2!

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  • Wild Rice's Asian Boys Volume 2!

    Hot new play coming up...

    Read about it here...

    Anybody watching? me catching it on opening night..

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    me, me!!! but i can't find anyone to go with.....


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      this looks good. in fact, i like most of Wild Rice's productions. will probably go for this once bf and me can confirm schedule. pauline, do post a review after you watch it. 4th feb?


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        no prob Mich! yup i enjoyed every Wild Rice production i've watched so far, plus i have a feeling there'll be some men to ogle at this time


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          men to ogle at? but will they be ogling at other men too?

          pauline, how was the production?


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            i'm watching it on 14feb with my girlfriend

            it's at the outdoor theatre right? yeah would like to know how the production went


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              Alright here's my overdue review

              It's held at the theatre studio, near the roof terrace. You might get lost cos' we all thought it was at the theatre studio just opp. the concert hall but no. You have to walk in and then take the escalator to the 3rd level.

              So anyway the layout of the place is kinda similar to The Attic, with audience seated on 2 sides and stage in the middle. The play is actually a medley of stories about love and desire in Singapore. The transitions between the different scenes is made very interesting with piano-playing tho' sometimes it seemed abit silly. What's interesting about the play is probably the ideas that were explored in homosexuality, like threesomes, one-sided relationships, friendship etc. which all made it very real to everyone.

              I especially loved how the lines were scripted, beautifully and touching. Some quotes: "I asked to meet here cos' i'm a sucker for nostalgia. We hang on to nostalgia when you know there's no future." "Their faces look so far away. And i can feel it. Their yearning. They cross the classroom like the strands of a spider web. When i walk around i feel the threads breaking against my body."

              Towards the end, it got abit boring or maybe it's cos' my friends and i were getting sleepy cos' it lasted for 3 hours. All in all, it was a play that we enjoyed


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                ok its a bit overdue cos the run is already over but here goes

                i watched this on valentines day so we were surrounded by couples, mainly gay couples though...

                i didnt really understand the first story but i did felt a bit sad.. the rest of the stories were pretty good. yeah the breaks in between the stories were quite funny. there was a very dishy looking guy, pierre goh.. he is SO cute!! my friend and i were drooling over him.

                sidenote: gerald chew sat next to me!! i caught him in 'the odd couple' and i didnt expect to end up sitting next to him while watching a play. ivan heng was at the back too!!