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  • Epilepsy

    helo! i dun know where else to post this thread cos it seems there isn't a health thread around...hopefully this is right.

    my sister have been suffering from epilepsy since 21. it was onset only when she enters adulthood, and it didn't occur at all when she was much younger. with God's grace, so far she has been coping well with regular medications etc. And she had also given birth to a lovely and healthy gal 2 years ago.

    She is expecting her 2nd child now, and had a fit attack 2 nites ago. Fell off the bed but luckily, no harm was done to both mother and child. Thank God again.

    But that got me very worried for her. Just like to seek advice from gals here, whether there are any similar cases that you have come across either thru ur personal experience or friends/relatives. are there any recommendations as to what kind of food should pregnant ladies with epilepsy consume more or avoid to counter the effects of the medication she is taking for the condition, as well as to strengthen her health? thanks a lot in advance!

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    some info i'd come across before on epilepsy...

    Epilepsy: pregnancy and childcare

    that page says to take folic throughout the pregnancy.


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      I think the doctor would have prescribed her with folic acid cos it's very important for pregnant women...your sis should also keep a record of the frequency of attacks in order to give her doctor a feedback so that he can adjust the dosage accordingly. I don't think there's any food that epileptic patients should stay away from though...basically make sure she has enough rest because fatigue and stress can trigger attacks


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        thanks vixette! that was a great link, got most of the questions answered there. u've been a great help. muaks!

        thanks grace. i think her gynae did prescribe her with folic acid supplement. i also heard from the older generation that drinking black bean soup also helps, cos there are supposedly some nutrients in the beans that have similar effects as folic acid. just want to know if there are other 'traditional' advice that older folks may have.


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          oh ya, my sis did mention that she has been having sleepless nights recently, i guess it's one of the things that comes with pregnancy, having difficulties falling asleep etc. think that could have contributed to a trigger of the attack. sigh, it's really difficult to be a woman right.

          you know, during her first delivery, we were all sitting outside the theatre, hoping and praying that the baby would be fine, as there could be a slight chance of defects on the baby, like cleft lips, or other facial deformations. when the baby was wheeled out, we were all so relieved that we cried in joy. my mum was especially relieved.

          just wish the best for my sis this time round too.


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            hi twix. i'm sorry i can;t be of much help but my thoughts are with your sister.


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              thanks michannat, it's people like u that makes the world a better place.
              for now i can only pray hard for a good healthy delivery for her. God bless everyone!