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    Anyone who knows if the following brands are available in Vancouver? And if yes, where are they found?

    Sue Devitt
    Too Faced

    Also, if anyone has any reccomendations of what is worth taking a look at (skincare, makeup). A million thanks!!

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    MAC is cheap there & Cargo!


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      may be flying there in march, any recs on what i can do there and buy? also places to stay, preferably cheap cos i'm on a budget


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        LUCKY GAL

        Have to buy MAC in Canada, its cheap.

        Taxes though can be a turn off about 17% more or less, i cant remember
        Dont forgot to claim your tax refund when u are leaving although u may not be able to claim the entire percentage, 10% is good ?????


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          thanks for the quick response. actually i have a problem, i'm using a free ticket but it does not go to toronto, only vancouver. what are my options? one of my colleagues said to fly to US and take another flight over. is that a good idea?


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            Hi Hi

            Actually i prefer Vancouver to Toronto. its more city-like
            I only like Toronto only for the Niagara Falls.
            its beatiful...and that's where u should stay in toronto.

            I personally recommend the Courtyard by marriott, when u open ur hotel windows, u see the falls in front of u, u can never get this sight in Singapore. Sometimes the hotels could offer some good discounts. check out their website at for more info and prices.

            Yup the other option for u is to take a domestic flight to Toronto.
            Check out the prices from our local travel agents and compare to those online fares to see which option is more economical.


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              reporting from Vancouver^^

              ok....where should i start??

              Downtown Vancouver
              This is a must have place to visit! One will always see alot of Japanese tourists in the heart of downtown, especially in the summer. MAC Pro Store here!! Also, consists of a Holt Renfrew branch which carries brands like Pout, Stila, Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercier, NARS, Bliss Labs and lots more! HR also sells upscale fragrances, clothing, and accessories. Lots of stores to browse through on Robson, Granville, and Alberni St.

              Yaletown in Vancouver(close to downtown)
              Basically 2 streets consisting of many salons, boutiques, etc. A nice place to spend a relaxing afternoon on a good day The most interesting store is Beautymark; selling brands like TheBalm, Cake Beauty, Jaqua Girls, Philosophy, Smith's Rosebud Salve, and more.

              Commercial in Vancouver
              A place where one will always see and meet interesting people. Not an upscale neighbourhood, but it just serves to reveal the many sides to Vancouver Lots of restaurants of different cuisine and cafes.

              Many asians live in Richmond and even more prefer to gather here for daily activities ie. shop, eat, etc.(especially the younger set at night). As one may guess, there are many places selling stuff from HK, Japan, Korea and HK style cafes.

              Metrotown mall~!! This is where i spent most of my afternoons after school =P Largest mall in BC, and i believe 2nd largest in Canada....i think :huh: Lots of cool places to shop and more economical(in general) than downtown Consists of a MAC freestanding store.

              Whew! That's a long post :note: Hope you'll have fun whenever you do visit.

              I don't really know how to post a here's the address:
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                oh shortie u stay in vancouver? any chance we can meet up? anyway i have decided to stay in hosteling international, supposed to be cheap and good


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                  sure, just pm or email me when u're coming.
                  would luv to take you around shopping, eating, wutever


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                    Thanks, those are really wonderful. I visited some, but I will visit some other especially in Yale Town the next time I'm there.

                    I want to reccomend breakfast at Elbow Room Cafe. It was hilarious and definitely a way to make your morning interesting. Definitely a MUST visit if you are there. Something you won't and probably would never find in Singapore. Try to visit around 10ish, when action begins...

                    I don't know how to post a link too, but here it is:


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                      Hi all,

                      I'm planning an alaska cruise trip and I will be extending my trip for a few days in Vancouver. Can anyone suggest what is a must see over there? So far I have seen Stanley Park popping up a lot when I googled. If there's any trip for sightseeing or is the place mainly for shopping? Anyone can recommend any tours that you have used before? Hotels recommendations are very much welcomed.