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  • Sistic

    For those who have bought Sistic tickets on concession terms, ie. discounts, have they ever check your credentials at the performance? I'm thinking of getting my bro, who is a student to help me get a pair of tix at a discount. But I'm worried that they will check my identity when i go for the performance. Will they? Thanks!

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    I don't remember them doing that to me...but why don't you bring your bro's student pass just in case?


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      In my case, nope. But it was senior citizens' concession, so prehaps they also judged based on looks. I saw a bunch of students not being asked for their ID too. I'm assuming that they didn't pay the normal price. That was at Esplanade - the practise may differ in other theatres.


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        I believe they checked at your point of purchase and won't check it again. But there may be some organisers who may do a random check (but not many I guess). And they probably catch those obvious ones for eg. 30 year old looking with senior citizen ticket etc.

        If I were you, will probaby carry your brother's student pass just in case