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Rain GONE...Whats' NEXT..Gosh

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  • Rain GONE...Whats' NEXT..Gosh


    Many Felines has been feeling under the weather of late since the weather has been bad including myself.

    Take Care and remember to take that umbrella where ever u go.

    Cozy Star
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    Thanks for the sweet concern, Demi.

    I kinda like the weather actually. Especially great when I'm home sleeping. Sucks while I'm at work though cos I'd then long for bed.


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      As much as I enjoy the coolness, I'm really starting to miss the sun cause I wanna go swimming again! An ideal day for me: HOT mornings and noon, followed by constant cool breeze and little sun throughout the day....


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        No Problem Atypical dear, I long for bed when i am at work too.

        Mango ideal day is somewhat like yours, nites will be just perfect for sleeping.


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          I like the cool weather, but I don't like it rain for the whole day, for days!! All my clothings never get to dry in the sun. I missed the smell of the sun on my clothing!!! Can't wash the other laundries too.

          Now, I'm really down with flu and sore throat Must drink more water.....


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            i the rain.. better walking in the rain with an umbrella rather then walking under the hot sun..

            though like mango, i'm missing the hot weather cause i don't get to swim. the cold puts me off swimming so i sleep instead


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              Yup Candeecake, totally agree, the clothes cant dry. Me too i miss the krisp smell on my clothes.


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                I love the rain anytime. The rain dancing in the lights seem incredibly beautiful don't you think so?


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                  I the rain! Perfect one will be a light breezy drizzle. The only thing I dislike is my shoes getting wet.


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                    I the rain too! My friends will attest that I'm less of a grump when it rains. The rain makes me happier somehow, I really like cool weather. But yes, pity about the swimming! Sleeping it is, for now!


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                      ok I'm the odd one out but I HATE the rain...I've been so P*SSed off for the past few days because I've been going to school soaked from head to toe and it really doesn't help that all the classrooms and LTs are soooo friggin cold to begin with so I shiver like fact today my nails turned purple and my hands and feet were numb from the cold I couldn't write. By the time I walk to the bus-stop from my place, I would have been drenched even though I carry an umbrella. What's more, I just came down with fever and flu from being soaked for long hours the past 5 days...this is no fun..arghhh....


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                        I want it to stop raining too!!It has been pouring for days! and everyone's like home sleeping.. no one's going shopping.. sales has been real BAD for the past few days and i ALmost could meet my sales target this month(before CNY) and get 150 bucks, I can't. humph! maybe i should put this in daily rant instead.. ha..

                        Grace & all the others falling ill: Take care girlies!


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                          Rave: I love rainy weather because I can get to wear my version of "winter" wear.

                          Rant: My laundry is piling high because the earlier batch never gets dry!!! Plus they stink!!!! :piss:


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                            rave: i love sleeping at night cos it's so cool and inviting

                            rant: i hate going to work in the morning cos a) i cant wear pants cos the pants will be soaked b)if i wear skirts, i will freeze in the office cos they dont cover my legs


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                              Just made myself a cup of ginger tea. Maybe you ladies want to give it a try, to warm up.


                              Really works! I put in 8 thin slices, ard 50cent coin size... not *hot* enough for me. For honey, I put in 1.5 teaspoon.

                              Though it didn't *cured* my running nose now, but sure does make me feels better