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ATKINS or South Beach Diet?

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  • ATKINS or South Beach Diet?

    Most of my friends are on ATKINS and they've lost weight dramatically... but none are on SOUTH BEACH...

    And I'm in DESPERATE need to lose 12 pounds before my best friend's wedding on FEB 14TH!!! (I'm her maid of honor, and I MUST fit into the TIGHT-FITTING dress!!)

    PLEASE HELP!! I need to grab a book and start the diet SOON, and I can't decide between these two!!

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    Hi Simplicity

    To begin with, I never advocate dieting. Proper intake of food YES but not extreme dieting of any sort.

    From what I gather, Atkins is a low carb diet. South Pacific is both low carbs & low fat. I think your main concern would be how your body react to food. Does your body react to fatty food or carb more? Would you put on easily when you take all sinful yummy food or if you load on carb? These might help you make a choice.

    But really working out @ the gym or intensive swimming say 4X/week from now would tone you up & firm you up the healthier way!


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      I've recently met up with a couple of old friends at a wedding. A few of them are slim & glowing with health and they've all attributed it to the Atkins diet.

      It's really amazing how good my girlfriend look. She has always been the funny, kinda fat friend & *poof* now she looks like she could be a model. All she did was follow a strict Atkins diet for two weeks, lost 6kg and followed up with a low carb diet & regular excercise regime. I just cannot stop being amazed.

      Has anyone here been on Atkins?


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        Atkins Webby

        a good source of info

        i havent been on atkins, but i have been on a low carb diet, i cut out bread, rice and pasta

        hmmm, i guess exercise needs to compliment this diet as well!


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          i don't know about Atkins, but a friend of mine went of the South Beach diet for a while and she dropped quite a few pounds. that plus she continued on her regular gym work

          think it's easier to follow the South Beach diet in SG too.


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            i haven tried both Atkins or South Beach. But I'm on a low-fat and low-calorie diet. Dropped 3kgs and a few inches from mainly waist, tummy, butt.


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              On my second day of Atkins diet.. I'm feeling nauseous. I just cant seem to be full despite eating almost of pure protein food such as egg whites and tuna.


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                me too, I felt goggy, tired and hungry for the 1st few days, that is because our body are sort of "addicted" with certain foods such as caffeine, carbo, sugar etc. Once our body are deprived of these foods, it will have some sort of "withdrawal syndrome". I went past there and feeling alright now after 2 weeks and I don't feel so hungry anymore. Don't worry, there is no danger if you go on a low carbo diet, just remember not to take too much fats which is harmful to the body.


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                  Originally posted by atypical
                  IAtkins diet for two weeks, lost 6kg and followed up with a low carb diet &regular excercise regime.

                  Has anyone here been on Atkins?
                  6 kg for 2 weeks? wow, I only lost 2 kg for the first 5 days and then stop losing total weight lost for 2 weeks is only 2-3 kg.


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                    I'm on South Beach and I've lost 6kg so far. But I also exercise a lot, about four to five times a week with my personal trainer...