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  • Seoul Garden

    Love it or hate it??
    comments? Is it worthwhile?

    My mum is suggesting this place next week but honestly i haven't tried. Yah not even once.

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    Hate it ever since they switched to charcoal. So difficult to cook


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      i don't really like this and wouldn't recommend this place to anyone. the food's not good and you get kinda sick of the stuff after a while. everything seems to be marinated in the same sauce. definitely not a recommendation.


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        just went there last's not as great as it used to be..lesser variety...but taste is still okay....but definitely not worth it...


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          I used to patronise Seoul Garden in my school days ... it USED To be good.. but over time, things seem to get cheaper-looking, the counter seems messier and the service is just non-extistence these days. I remembered many years ago, i saw crabs among the buffet counter but nowadays, they just provide cheaper food...

          The last time i went was when my friends and I were looking for a cheap place to chit-chat over a long afternoon and she suggested Seoul Garden at Bugis Junction(It's one of the branches that has cheap cheap lunch buffet that cost only about $16.99per person excluding a compulsory free-flow of soft drinks). The other oulets with the special-price lunch offer is Great World City and Marina Square if i remembered what my friend said correctly.

          Actually, the marinated meat still taste the same as many years ago when i went there. But, like Mich say, after a while, all the meat seem to taste the same.

          Lotsa students we saw though.. i guess if you are looking for a nice air-con place to spend time with a group of friends for not-so-expensive but still taste-ok food, this would be the place.



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            yeah i friends and i were at taka and deciding between breeks and seoul garden..and went seoul garden cos can sit down for longer to talk...


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              I prefer to eat at Breeks! Takashimaya (American Restuarant) or Marina Square (American buffet). I love the ribs there, so tasty. And the dessert too. It is good to try Breek! if you have never been there before. However, it is a bit pricy including the GST & serving charges. IIRC S$26 +++ per person for the buffet. :roll:

              For Seoul Garden, I don't really like the environment & food serving. People eat there is mainly because of allowing to stay longer time without chasing by the staff. For the Food, it is so so only. If you want to have steamboat, you can go to Marina South or somewhere else.
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                the food there aint great. dont waste your money.

                how much is your budget actually? you can always go to the buffet at hotels. its cheaper during weekdays and sometimes they have tie-ups with certain credit cards


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                  seoul garden used to be really nice, with expensive seafood and all
                  now it has reduced to many outlets with less than satisfactory food

                  for steamboat and stuff, i quite like the coca ones (not sure of the spelling!)

                  it is ex but i think the food is quite nice...
                  oh well, i pay any price for good food!

                  ETA: agreed with lumos on the hotel buffets, sometimes it can be cheaper!


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                    i like the steam boat


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                      i just had seoul garden on sunday. it's not too bad for $20+ but i agree with what everyone else say, the food taste pretty much the same cos the marinate isnt that great. and the seafood section is pretty much fishballs, fishballs and more fishballs. the sushi is very limited (egg, crabstick and salmon only) and... ice cream ran out at 8pm+ and they never bother to refill

                      i think i'll try breeks the next time!


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                        well...i used to like seoul grd during my secondary and poly days...but i felt that the std is dropping i think i did not eat for 4yrs ****..


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                          yeah me too! they are getting more expensive i feel. and standard dropped so badly. marinated meat sometimes are too salty and yes i agree they taste the same. :roll:


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                            Used to go to Seoul Garden for Secondary School gatherings and such but now I dont really like going there anymore. Like what you girls said, the marinate tastes almost the same and there is no varieties. Not to mention you come out smelling like what you ate!

                            It's getting more expensive too. have to agree with natnatviv that Coca is great for steamboats. There is one at the International Plaza which serves steamboat buffets!


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                              Ack! Yeah happybean its the one at international plaza , the one near to the Thai Embassy. I too get mixed up with Shaw house and Shaw Centre!