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    I've bought too many during my last trip to Korea early last year and would like to let go some.

    These Ginseng are made from 6 years old original Korean Ginseng Roots, which are at their prime age and are not heaty to consume. Ginseng contains elements that improve blood circulation, stabilize blood pressure and protect internal organs.

    HEAVEN 1 KOREAN GINSENG POWDER (6 年根, 100% Platinum, Samsung)
    Net Weight: 200g
    Manufactured date: Nov 2011
    Good for:
    1. Windpipe system
    2. Sensitive skin
    3. Immune system
    4. Heavy smoker
    5. Anaemia and cold handed or feeted
    6. Menopausal disorder
    7. Weakness in memory
    8. Breathing system

    Usage:a spoonful of powder into a glass of warm or cold water. recommend 3 times a day.

    Letting go 1 box (200g) for S$190
    Usual price for box of 6 is about $1400++, which is $230+ per box

    Contact me at 8-two-two-3-5-7-zero-zero

    Click image for larger version

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