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Dry cleaner ruined my dress

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  • Dry cleaner ruined my dress

    I took a silk armani exchange dress to the dry cleaner two weeks ago. Not only was it not ready on time, I found a hole (about 1 cm diameter) in the front of the dress when I got home today :piss:

    So sad, because it is my favorite dress; I've only worn it once to a ball. And to think I was just telling my boyfriend about the article in the ST today about how laundry shops cap the compensation amount! I checked the dry cleaning invoice, and it said that the compensation is capped at $50 unless the value of the clothing is declared in advance. Damn, I didn't do that when I deposited the dress.

    Called the lady up just now, and she asked me if I did something to the dress myself. URGH.

    Guess I'd probably have to make a trip to CASE soon. Sigh. Even if they compensate me, I would rather have my dress back!!!!

    Sorry for ranting

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    i think u should really go to the shop and yell at them! argh, if i were you i'd be so pissed i'd just make a fuss about the hole to them! afterall its entirely their fault! :piss:


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      I think you have to go back to the shop and talk to them again, drusilla. Since the dress is so expensive, they should make the full compensation. I think even they had mentioned that the value of the clothing must declared in advance, you still can argue with them with the font size of the words. Do they really make it as reminder which is obvious enough to make people notice that? If not, they are just doing something to cheat the customer. Then, you can either make a complaint to public by media mass (e.g. newspapers, magazines & radio) or to the consumer association. I think when you mention this to the owner of the shop, I am sure they will compromise with you. Just try. If you don't try, you will never know.


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        Hmm.. it seems that laundry shops are giving the same problems to other customers as well.. Case has looked into it and set some new ruling? Think i saw it on the papers yesterday. Guess its a good time to go demand your full compensation.


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          i think for damage paid to u
          it is highly recommended that u write a letter, demanding compensation.

          if they ignored the letter, u can then bring it to CASE.
          i have run into problems with dry cleaners in singapore and i usually i send them a letter, asking for damages to my work suits (material melted due to their neglience)

          usually they will call me (very unpolitely) and ask me what i want to do if they refused....

          i basically asked them to compensate me for the at least the cost of my suit.

          Calling them is useless as they will ignore u.
          Writing them a letter, stating your cause is the best way to go.
          Plus add a note that you will go to CASE by a certain period of time. (not too long)

          Good luck!


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            I just talked to the shop owner. He was quite apologetic about the whole incident, but said that the hole was not caused by the dry cleaning. He said it could be that the fabric has weakened due to perspiration or acidic stuff like orange juice, and so, when they wash it, a hole would inevitably occur. So he maintained that it was not their fault, but offered to pay $50 out of goodwill. He suggested that we could go to CASE if I don't accept the offer.
            What would you girls do? :roll:


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              hmm do u think it is justified and actually did u spill anything on your dress?
              cos if u did spill some stuff accidentally on your dress, the dry cleaner could have noticed when u hand in the dress for washing?

              i think due diligence should be exercised when cleaning, especially for stains..
              i always make sure my cleaner knows the stains or any spills on the garment...


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                Nope, I didn't spill anything on the dress, and there were no stains on it when I brought it there.


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                  geee then how could there be a tear due to acidic reaction?

                  i dont think i would accept the compensation, just my opinions


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                    Drusilla, if I were you, I will go for CASE to settle this thing. I think the shop owner is playing psycological games with you now because he knows that most of the people will not make complaint to CASE or public. If you just compromise with him for the S$50 compensation, he is even happier with that as nobody will know that he is that irresponsible of taking customers' clothes. Of course, you have to let him know that it is his fault, no matter he is careless or he did purposely.

                    If you don't mind to pay for administration (S$10 maybe, not too sure) fee to CASE, just let them settle the problem for you. Then, you will see how the shop owner changes his attitude at that time. Worse comes to worse, complain to public by writing to Streat & Strait Times or radio.


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                      how did u go with the dry cleaner??