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    opening night is on the 3rd of april. will be shown at the esplanade. one huge grouse i have about the esplanade is the ticket pricing. most ex cost $130 and these seats occupy the whole of stall, most of circle 1. if you get the cheapest tix, your seats are really bad. i don't see the point of having different prices for tickets when the most expensive ones occupy about 3/4 of the theatre.

    anyway, anyone watching this? i tried booking tickets for opening night and already i'm allocated middle of stall.
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    with the absurd prices of tix in sg, this is precisely why you should head to london to watch shows instead!!


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      ha! provided i don't fall asleep like the last time we were there.


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        I have learnt my lesson when I bought seats to the Bobby McFarrin concert. I got Category 2 seats but i was seated at Stalls Row E but almost corner. It didn't bother me because the hall is small. I learnt not to order via the internet. The system allocates from middle then to sides. I made bookings via phone. I did that for shows like Havana Nights too. Ask them for seats front but almost corner. All halls at Esplanade are not that big, IMO. So corner seats are fine with me.

        In short, I'm CHEAPO!!!



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          I'm interested too but was bowled over the tix prices, exactly like what Mich said


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            I was surprise at the ticket prices too! Previous performances brought in by the same company doesn't cost that much for Circle 2 seats.
            For those who have to skip this, cheer up. I heard Ma Ma Mia is coming end of 2004 and they are planning to have a 3 months' run.


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              hi artichoke, thanks for the great news. mama mia!! have been wanting to watch this for the looooongest time. let's hope the seats won't be as ridiculously priced.


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                Just watch SNF this evening.

                WOW!!!!! It's dynamite! Why? All the guys were in their tightest pants and the guy who acted as Tony took off his shirt and nearly his pants! No prizes on who let out the loudest gasp!

                The singing was so so. I thought the previous shows were better. The lead supporting actress sang better than the lead actress.:roll: But the dancing made up for their shortcoming. It was superb. Numero uno

                The show ended with a dancing finale. Everyone (audience included) got up and dance. Makes me want to take proper dancing lessons.

                My regret. Not paying more to sit at front row. I just couldn't reach to pinch those tight butts.