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  • Lomography

    Just came across some really nice photos taken with a lomo. Any lomo experts here? Which camera would you recommend for a beginner? Any pointers much appreciated.

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    i'm no expert but u can try the basic Action Sampler which is a 4-lensed photo-camera that captures a four-picture series on one print. It's really simple to use, there's no need for focusing or adjusting of shutter-speed. Most suitable for beginners to just snap & play around with. It uses normal 35mm film developed by standard processing.


    U can try the Action Sampler Flash for day/night use. It uses the same 4-shot format as the classic Action Sampler, but also comes with additional 4-step sequential flash that's great for taking nightshots. The flash goes off super fast! (abt 110 bucks)

    once u get started, u can go on to 9-prints lomo cams or lomo cams with colored flashes....the fun is endless


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      It's a lot more difficult than it looks! My bf got one while in London and the pictures didn't turn out too nice.

      You need the right lighting - very very very bright light. and colours and all.

      But it's all quite fun.

      Start with the v v basic one, so you don't feel so 'heart-pain' when the pictures turn out bad.


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        Thanks, hylifax and Xue. So this thing isn't as simple as they make it out to be.

        Was thinking along of the LC-A. Guess I shouldn't be too ambitious and just start small.

        Any idea where I can buy the Action Sampler Flash pack?


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          kinokuniya has a good selection! i almost got mine there !


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            Lomography related. Here's a site for you.


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              hey Dimples, actually getting the "wrong" kind of pictures can turn out quite nice too! they often turn out quite unlike what i expect, but you can find a few gems from the badly taken ones. the key is to experiment, and learn what suits the lomo best. as Xue mentioned, bright light makes the Lomo's pics colours POP! but remember to not face the sun when taking Lomo pics. they will be totally white-out!

              you can find Lomos at Kinokuniya, the Lomo Embassy of Singapore, or Hooked Clothings at FEP Level One.

              oh yes, thought i'd better share my experience of buying a spoilt Lomo camera from Kinokuniya. :roll: i got the chrome action sampler, and the shutter did not turn fast enough. such that my pics came out with black patches in them, blotching out nearly entire frames of the four framed pics. so i returned the camera to Kinokuniya and got a new one. so basically if your shutter doesn't turn quite fast enough -- it should have a distinct whirring sound -- then something's not right!


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                got mine in Aust....i've actually got the color flash lomo, so all my pics can turn out in color shade depending on what flash color u choose. it's quite cool coz the pics turn out andy warhol-ish, very pop-art-ish. esp when i blow them up

                actually with lomo coz it's all abt creativity & perspective. sometimes, my 'spoilt' pics received the best comments!
                almost all lomo prints can have quite an artistic feel to them

                guess if u get a lomo cam with flash, lighting is not such an issue.

                it's quite alot of fun, when i 1st got it, i ??? went snap,snap snap crazy...i should go dig out mine again


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                  Woo.. must go get my lomo soon. Thanks for all the pointers.


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                    Dimples ... try to get your Lomo from the Lomo Embassy at Sago Lane. I know these guys (my friends) & they're really awesome and cool. Look for Little (yeah, that;s his real name), he loves talking about Lomo & will be really helpful in helping you find your Lomo.


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                      Sago Lane sounds familiar. Is it in the East Coast area? Will try to check out that place if I can get there easily.

                      Thanks for the recommendation, Stella.


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                        No no. Sago Lane is in Chinatown.


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                          Originally posted by atypical
                          No no. Sago Lane is in Chinatown.
                          Oops. Thanks.


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                            Tried Lomo only once... borrowed off a friend.

                            Unfortunately either I spoilt it or it was faulty in 1st place, it was such a hassle manually moving the film to next exposure/ next shot (u have to pull a cord and somehow it didn't work well... must re-try for AGES). There's really no real "viewfinder" either (there is sort of a plastic "window" as a guide, but Lomos are recommended to be "shot from the hip" ie randomly take your chances on what appears inside the viewfinder- sometimes half a head, your butt or what). Best "subjects" are kids and dogs outdoors since they run around alot and make for interesting shots (the delayed shutter thing).

                            But fun still! Rather a novelty item though.


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                              Any supersampler users here??