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  • Beauty in eyes of beholder

    Hi Cotters!

    It's a very quiet evening ahead for me, so thought I'd start a new thread just for the heck of it.

    True to the adage, beauty's indeed in the eyes of the feel free to share beauty that greatly appeals to you, those that downright don't, and probably those you fail to see the big deal in. Since ours is a society that is extremely looks-oriented and beauty-defined, I'm not holding back on political incorrectness. Roll it in!

    This is purely subjective of man's meat is another man's poison. Here's mine...

    Super Appeal
    Catherine Zeta-Jones (very classy, very exclusive, very upper-crust, very inaccessible)
    Cate Blanchett (Elegance Defined)
    Paris Hilton (the most beautiful blonde I've ever seen)
    Charlize Theron (beauty with meat...I like that!)
    Romola Garai (most exquisite features I've seen in a long time)
    Angelina Jolie (looks sure match up to her chronic homewrecker status)
    Christina Aguilera (as a blonde, not as a greasy wannabe Goth chick...seems she's hell-bent on mangling her natural beauty)
    Liv Tyler (another beauty with meat...I love!!!)
    Dido (very natural, very beautiful)
    Jennifer Connelly (breathtaking despite the caterpillar brows)
    Dannii Minogue (hardly any of her features are real, but great overall package...great plastic surgery success case IMHO)

    You're Bloody Kidding Right?!
    Gwyneth Paltrow (you can't get features any blander and boring than this...Grace Kelly-like? PUH-leaze!)
    Janet Jackson (one word...EW)
    Julia Roberts (highly unappealing...hate that crater-sized mouth)
    Jennifer Love-Hewitt (so horse-faced I expect her to emit a neigh anytime)
    Sarah Jessica Parker (features too witchy)
    Thandie Newton (she just looks like a little colt lost to me)
    Kate Hudson (Blandness Defined)
    Victoria Beckham (if you have a thing for pondans!)

    Seriously Fail To See The Big Deal
    Naomi Watts (bland bland bland!)
    Kate Moss (sorry man, the emaciated look is completely lost on me)
    Jennifer Lopez (too Filipino maid-looking...everything about her screams Nouveau Riche)
    Jennifer Aniston (how a woman with beady eyes and a jaw wider than JLo's ample booty can be defined as beautiful is really beyond me)
    Halle Berry (other than a terrific bod, she really doesn't have outstanding features, face it!)
    Kate Bosworth (fine if you dig wallpaper)
    Sarah Michelle Gellar (I wouldn't even call her pretty!)
    Jennifer Garner (features too hard, too chiselled, too angular, too bony)
    Lucy Liu (the slanty almond-eyed Oriental thing just doesn't quite cut it for me...Kelly Hu is heckuva lot better looking than her!)

    Just my 2 cents worth! Would love to hear yours.

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    Re: Beauty in eyes of beholder

    I think along the same line as you...

    Super Appeal
    Michelle Reis ( My all-time favourite...)
    Charlize Theron (Nothing less than downright g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s)
    Nicole Kidman ( before she lost so much weight...)
    Kate Beckinsale (sp?? She's got just enough "sweetness" and not overly so like some jap actresses...sorry but I'm seriousely not into jappy looks)
    Kelly Hu ( exotic...I like it!)
    Kristin Kreuk ( I'm on the fence for this her cos she's exotic but gorgeous?? Don't really think so..)
    Claudia Schiffer ( kinda girl)
    Estella Warren
    Korean actress Chae Rim ( awww....she melts my heart...super sweet but not sickeningly so)
    Beyonce ( beauty with meat...ditto!)

    You're Bloody Kidding Right?!
    Jennifer Love-Hewitt (ditto on this: so horse-faced I expect her to emit a neigh anytime)

    Sarah Jessica Parker (Too ratty looking...think it's the nose)
    Julia Roberts ( Her mouth takes up a third of that face!!! ewww....)
    Penelope Cruz ( it's the oversized mouth again..what's up with tom cruise???)
    Jacelyn Tay from mediacorp ( looks like she underwent a sex-change)
    Phyllis Quek ( she borders on "ugly" i my opinion..I just think there's something wrong with her face and it irritates me)

    Fann Wong ( no button noses for me either...other than the height, I think she looks like any other girl on the street)

    * And lastly, all the saccharine, sickeningly sweet jap celebrities...makes my stomache cringe

    Seriously Fail To See The Big Deal
    Jennifer Aniston (what's up with her? I probably wouldn't even turn my head if she walked past..
    Sarah Michelle Gellar (I'm not a fan of girls with droopy eyes...and besides that, is she even pretty??)

    Cameron Diaz ( Ok, I admit she's tall. Period )
    JoLin Tsai ( really...what's the biggie about this gal?? and can someone please tell her to stop dieting??)
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      Re: Beauty in eyes of beholder

      Hey cate! fun poll. i'm bored at home anyway. so here goes....

      Super Appeal
      Kylie Minogue (i dunno why! she just gets to me.)
      Cate Blanchett (Elfin elegance. i love those piercing blue eyes)
      Amy Smart (clean-cut wholesome beauty)
      Angelina Jolie ( cos' she's so downright sexy.)
      Jennifer Garner (moi favourite. she's so yummy. i love her!)
      Cameron Diaz ( gotta love that smile... plus she's got such a hot bod. i want her figure!)
      Kate Moss (sexy... quintessential urban babe. love her dress sense)
      Gwen Stefani (okay, i just think she's special. plus she's got a great voice and is such an individual)
      Julia Roberts (i love that smile... )
      Heidi Klum (love that dress sense.)
      Beyonce Knowles (love her sense of style, and i swear her skin's golden! so far the beautiful-est honey coloured skin i know of)
      Jessica Alba (got to love that kick ass attitude in Dark Angel, and that bod)
      Fann Wong (love that complexion. she always looks perfect. )

      You're Bloody Kidding Right?!
      Christina Aguilera (this girl's taking her looks down the drain , the way she's painting herself)
      Britney (too crass, big ass, big thighs. i hate.)
      Catherine Zeta Jones (kind of too high-maintenance to me)
      J-Lo (too bling bling, too "I'm still me". she seems to be persuading herself rather than us)
      Pamela Anderson (i think everyone agrees on this one)
      SATC girls (all old hags really. they look horrid to me. like dressed up old ladies. and they're all bimbos to boot. ugh.)

      Seriously Fail To See The Big Deal
      the Charmed sisters (bland blahs. boobs falling out of their tops and what-not...... :roll: )
      Gwyneth Paltrow (she just looks too saaaadd)
      Halle Berry (i think she looks too plain)


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        Hey islande, we've got pretty similar opinions on this :thump

        Super Appeal
        Liv Tyler (angelic)
        Adriana Lima (devastating combination of honeyed skin and blue-gray eyes )
        Kylie (proves petite ladies can be sexy and stylish)
        Cate Blanchett (gorgeous cheekbones and steely blue eyes)
        Angelina Jolie (smoldering eyes and lips)
        Heidi Klum (cute and wholesome)
        Beyonce Knowles (bootylicious!)
        Kirsten Kruek (sweet, girl-next-door, exotic mix)
        Kate Hudson (positively sparkles in Almost Famous)
        Nicole Kidman (such porcelein-fine features)

        You're Kidding Right?!
        Jordan, Pam Anderson and all the other silicon ladies
        Paris Hilton (too-skinny, trashy dress sense and tangoed skin)

        Seriously Fail To See The Big Deal
        Rachel Stevens (pretty, but can't understand why she's topping all the 'UK's sexiest woman' polls)
        Britney (guess it's because she's a hot dancer?)
        Jennifer Love-Hewitt (amazing figure and hair but rather plain-faced)
        Sarah Michelle Gellar (used to be v pretty when she was fuller-figured, doesn't look as good now that she's so thin)


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          hhmm.....i'm more fascinated with the subtle, oriental beauties of the east like Christy Chung, Shu Qi, Carina Lau, Ayumi Hamasaki, Namie Amuro,...just to name a few. well, for our bigger sisters from the west would be Gwyneth Paltrow(whom i've met personally face to face before but too bad didn't take pics...gosshh!) and Cameron Diaz. i could just think of a few only for now. geeshh...I really wish to meet Jenine Lobelle but having a pic taken with Shawn Peltier was indeed an honour of my lifetime!


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            Super Appeal
            Natalie Portman(classic look)
            Josie Maran(beautiful features and hot bod)
            Liv Tyler (etereal-like esp in LOTR)
            Jessica Alba(eyes, full lips she's sexy)
            Natalia Vodianova(her pale-blue eyes and blond hair. she looks like an ice princess)
            Adriana Lima (those eyes and hair)
            Kristen Kruek (sweet and with attractive eyes)
            rachel leigh cook(doe eyes and sweet)
            Laetitia Casta (yet another gorgeous supermodels)
            Devon Aoki (exotic look)
            i think most guess and victoria secrets models are gorgeous

            You're Kidding Right?!
            Paris Hilton (her nose isnt right)
            Sarah Jessica Parker(her face is too long)
            Allison Mack(i dunno y i just dislike her)

            Seriously Fail To See The Big Deal
            BOA(her eyes are so small and she looks like the average teen)
            Ayumi Hamasaki(she cant dance for nuts. her head looks big with short hair)
            Fann Wong(im not sure if anyone even thinks she's pretty? but urgh. her cheekbones are gross. too prominent)
            SHE(urgh what can i say? act cute and average looking)
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              Super Appeal
              Kristen Kreuk (this girl is almost perfect!)
              Natalie Portman (love her class)
              Eva Mendes (super beauty and sexy)
              Liv Tyler (Unusual beauty)
              Mandy Moore (she is too cute)
              Penelope Cruz-pre Tom cruise (shes so exotic!)
              Gisele Bundchen (awsome bod, awsome tan)
              Rachel Stevens (pretty and i love her mixed look)-btw, does anyone know what mix she is?
              Kristen Davis (How does she look so good at that age?!)
              Orlando Bloom (too pretty)

              You're Kidding Right?!
              Britney Spears (boring)
              Christina Aguilera(boring)
              Beyonce (she looks ordinary without make-up)
              Holly Valance (theres just something creepy about her)
              Salma Hayek (shes manly)

              Seriously Fail To See The Big Deal
              Uma Thurman (no comment)
              Ben Affleck (yuck)
              Jessica Simpson (scary)


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                all along my fav beauty is liv taylor and the lead in pearl harbour. how well she carries a red lipstick! if i'm a man, i'll strip for her!


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                  Re: Beauty in eyes of beholder

                  Super Appeal
                  Catherine Zeta-Jones (really elegant.I love her movies.)
                  Liv Tyler (she's very very natural!yay!)
                  Dido (she's really very natural too!plus she has this amazingly distinctive voice)
                  Cate Blanchett (another elegant lady)
                  Rachal Bilson(she's sooo cool.And I love her fashion styling)
                  Renee Zellweger (i love her sense of humor.and I think she's very daring.Not pretty,but appeals to people all the same)
                  Anna hatchaway (she's not afraid to be herself.Doesnt dig the whole i-should-be-a-stick concept)
                  Natalie Portman (she's classy!)
                  Lauren Graham (lorelai gilmore!I love her!She's way coollllllllPlus she was born in hawaii!wow.)
                  Alexis Bledel (she's so cool too)

                  You're Bloody Kidding Right?!
                  Jennifer Love-Hewitt (yuck yuck yuck!)
                  Mandy Moore(plssss....she's not THAT innocent.)
                  Victoria Beckham (One thing to say only...David Beckham has badddd taste.)
                  Kylie Minogue(spare me the shake-your-bom-bom thingy...)
                  Fann Wong(I think she's super snobbish.Snobbish people suck.)
                  Kate Hudson (her movies are dead boring.she's dead thin.)

                  Seriously Fail To See The Big Deal
                  Beyonce(plssssss...SPARE ME.)
                  Ayumi(makes me wanna puke.She acts superbly kawaii,too kawaii for her own good.)
                  Jennifer Lopez (maid in manhattan.)
                  Jennifer Aniston (honestly,not good looking.)
                  Cameron Diaz(she's not pretty,looks like a stick and boy does she make herself seem goofy!>.<)
                  Jessica Simpson (BIMBO)
                  Denise keller (erm...I think she looks w e i r d)
                  Mischa Barton (She's so not pretty.Like a stick too.And her character on the o.c is getting from bad to worse.)
                  Nicole Kidman(her nose scares me.)
                  S.H.E(i'm okay with Ella;think she's most natural.But Hebe and Selina OH MY GOSH...ewww)
                  Wang Xin Ling(schoolgirl wannabe ew)
                  Paris Hilton (everything abt her spells F A K E)
                  Lindsay Lohan (Miss I-did-not-get-breast-implants.As if:roll: )
                  keira sth(that natalie portman lookalike,who acted in bend it like beckham.natalie portman looks sooo much better.)
                  Kirsten dunst (blah.)


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                    Super Appeal
                    Jaymee Ong - she has perfect features!
                    Shu Qi

                    You're Bloody Kidding Right?!
                    JUlia Roberts (what beauty?)

                    Seriously Fail To See The Big Deal
                    Karen Mok
                    Kelly Chen


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                      Super Appeal

                      Natalie Portman (classy)
                      Charlize Theron (WoW!!!)
                      Josie Maran ( i loike!!)
                      Michelle Reis (drop dead gorgeous)
                      Beyonce (pop that booty)
                      Natalie Imbruglia (sharp features)
                      Jennifer Lopez (I don't know y i love her)

                      You're Bloody Kidding Right?!

                      JUlia Roberts
                      Jennifer love Hewitt
                      Jennifer Anniston (the jaw makes her looks like a man)
                      Kylie Minogue
                      Siti Nur Haliza (eeewwww....over commercialised)
                      Paris Hilton ( real UGLY)

                      Seriously Fail To See The Big Deal

                      Britney Spears
                      Jessica Simpson
                      Lindsay Lohan
                      Karen Mok
                      Fann Wong (she has that average chinese looks)


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                        Super Appeal

                        Catherine Zeta-Jones ( Classy & stylishly sexy all the time )
                        Angelina Jolie ( That body lips & mouth, enough to kill.!! )
                        Jennifer Lopez ( Bootiful curvy body, my only favourite latina star)
                        Cameron Diaz ( Lean & hot body with great sunny smile )
                        Kristin Kreuk ( Pretty cartoonish looking eyes, she's just gorgeous)

                        You're Bloody Kidding Right?!

                        Jennifer Love-Hewitt ( Something about her that irritates me)
                        Victoria Beckham ( Oh my god..Fake boobs & hate the way she permanently pouts )
                        Julia Roberts ( Same old same old big hair & mouth)
                        Kristen Dunst ( Blah looking & bad posture )
                        Sarah Michelle Gellar ( Eeeks..!! )
                        Kate Moss ( Nothing great just a regular looking model )
                        Uma Thurman ( Huh.? Too long of a body & hate her nose )

                        Seriously Fail To See The Big Deal

                        Paris Hilton ( Triple Yucks..!!! )
                        Lindsay Lohan ( Overrated..!! )
                        Keira Knightley ( Natalie Portman copy cat? )
                        Ashley Simpson ( She irks me bad.!! )
                        Salma Hayek ( What's so great about her? Common )
                        Penelope Cruz ( I hate her voice & everything about her )


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                          Super Appeal

                          Kristen Kreuk (Kent would never fly without her! )
                          Natalie Portman (Such class at such a young age!)
                          Audrey Tantou (Amelie. 'Nuff said.)
                          Kate Beckinsale (Sweet thing!)
                          Jessica Alba (That whole cute sexy package!)
                          Audrey Hepburn (The epitome of sheer elegance and class.)
                          Jaymee Ong (The best of Eurasian mixes)
                          Nadya Huntalung (Woot!)
                          Angelina Jolie (Sexxxeh.)
                          Liv Tyler (Steve, how didja do this?!?! )
                          Gisele Bundchen (Legs and hair to DIE-FOR.)
                          Gwen Stefani (I like her! Who else can do fishnet leggings and denim cutouts so well!)
                          Cameron Diaz (A girl whos not afraid to laugh at herself is always sexy.)
                          Lin Zhiling (Whoever that Taiwanese model is, she's pretty! Though her voice sucks. :Shout

                          You're Bloody Kidding, right?

                          Fiona Xie (I don't like her, but I can understand why guys do. Those melons.)'
                          Kylie Minogue (HUH?! Plastik dancing screeching doll! Must be the Barbie-complex from young.)
                          Gwyneth Paltrow (Plain, just plain.)
                          Madonna (Ack! She's scary.)
                          Lindsay Lohan (She's getting on my nerves.)
                          Jessica Simpson (Another plastik thing. Major eww.)

                          Seriously fail to see ANY deal.
                          Jamie Ong (Seriously. You think she's sexy?!?! Godhelpus.)
                          Constance Song (This one is worse. HUH?!?)
                          Ann Kok (Take away the boobs and you get a localized ah-lian (for lack of a better word for trashy teen?)
                          Uma Thurman (Way too manly.)
                          Wang Xinling (Somebody take away her voicebox please!)


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                            super appeal
                            - zhang ziyi (her skin looks so nice...)
                            - kirsten dunst
                            - maggie gyllenhaal (cute nose!)
                            - winona ryder (loved her in girl, interrupted :D)

                            i'm indifferent to anyone else...


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                              monica belluci
                              karen mok
                              shu qi
                              zhang ziyi
                              charlize theron
                              cameron diaz
                              jude law

                              don't see it

                              scarlett johanssen
                              renee zellweger
                              minnie driver
                              mischa barton
                              kate beckinsale
                              demi moore (pre and post surgery)
                              giselle bundchen, jennifer anniston - look like they used to be men