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    Hi, ladies!

    I really need some help here coz I am totally blur about this aspect of job-hunting.

    I just received a call from a potential employer and he told me the job is a contract position with good potential for converting to perm. I did not know that when I applied for it. I mentioned I will prefer a permanent position and would not mind if he gives the opportunity to others who are more interested. (Should not have been honest in retrospeck, hope I did not come across as disinterested. )

    Then he said, for contract position, you can bargain for your salary which is a plus point. *awkward pause in which I "oh really?"* I am so clueless.

    He sounded sincere and told me the HR will contact me even after I said I have other interviews pending and they look quite promising. I am not trying to "bargain" here, just have a vague feeling I should not waste their time interviewing me.

    I am not sure if they will really contact me after that, but if they do, any ladies can share experiences in negotiating for salaries? How's it done and how do you decide what to accept? This would be my first perm job so I have no last-drawn salary and I am not looking for big bucks. Enough to keep me in mu will do!

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    by contract position, it can mean the perks are not included like annual leave, medical leave and oh well u get paid for the hours you work for

    some pple might like the idea of contracting cos it gives them the option of leaving the company once they find greener pastures.
    this might not be the case cos the offer letter might state otherwise, like "you have to serve the full term of the contract unless you are terminated by the company or somenthing."

    as a recruiter previously, we have input clauses stating that the person must finish the contract unless the employer find you incompetent to complete your job
    else, a notice period of 1 to 3 months must be given

    when u negotiate terms and salaries, it is important to know whether after your contract, u will be offered permanent positions. most of the time, the employers themselves are not sure cos of the market conditions.

    as a fresh school leaver, i would say go and try out contract positions, cos ultimately if the employer is happy with your performance, they will offer u an extension or better a permanent position.

    salaries depending on nature of duties, will be about a couple of hundreds more than a permanent position.
    of course i cant make a generalisation over here cos i am not sure what kind of job u are looking at.
    hope it helps.


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      Thanks for your reply.

      It's a marcom exec position for a big logistics/processing solutions company. They are expanding now and are hiring many positions for which I am precluded. The company makes up of mostly of IT/Logistics/Operations professionals. It is a departure from my usual applications. I mainly look for FMCG/marketing positions of which most of the company is made up of marketing staff. This is not the industry that is my top choice due to interests and aptitude fit.

      But I AM interested coz I am game to try anything really. preference would be for a job which I have interviewed for a couple of weeks ago. However, they would take a while to confirm since the position is not urgent. I am in a limbo now, not sure about waiting or going ahead dismissing it.


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        i would say go for it
        a marcom position will allow u to learn more in a lot of aspects
        i wouldnt think that different industries will make a diference
        more of what you have learnt and whether you have applied
        if they want to see you, there is a likelihood they are willing to train u as well

        also u have to consider interviewing times and the lags take to come up with an offer letter
        take it as a challenge


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          adding on to what natnatviv has said, while negotiating, do not just focus on the salary, there are many other aspects that you should confirm with them, some examples i can think of

          1. annual leave
          2. medical benefits (only outpatient? do they have dental? what if you need hospitalisation?
          3. working hours
          4. job scope
          5. any extra allowances?
          6. bonus? may be linked to performance but check if there is at least one. if linked to performance, ask how they will measure your performance?

          i think that's all but there may be others. dont afraid to ask, say you just need to clarify some doubts, hope everything works out fine!


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            I put my foot in my mouth again! I got the call to make an appointment and I said I have another interview on the same day!! I am sure it's a faux pas.

            The lady was surprised and asked me if that interview is for a perm job and sort of uncertainly asked "if you sign a contract with us.............". I tried to recover and say "oh, it's the 1st time I am meeting the other side also so I am happy to..." waffled a bit and not too sure what I said.

            I misunderstood her question at first also and thought she was asking if I knew their position is contract which I reiterated (told the other guy too): "your forwarded pdf ad did not specify". LOL!
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              if being in marcom interests you, and you do not have better prospects coming up, i would say grab the job even if it's only a contract position. you definitely can learn a lot in marcom and it will add to your resume next time. and what's more, from what you mentioned, they seem to be very interested in having you with them.

              good luck


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                btw, riding on this thread, would you gals negotiate for a pay raise if your company is sending you abroad for short work stints (abt 1-2 weeks each trip for a period of time)? :huh: :huh:

                scenario is that my company (a rather small co.) has set up a branch in KL and might one day in the near future send me up there to work.... whether its to oversee the operations since they are still very new or just to get to know the colleagues there as SG will be the main branch. maybe one thing to note is that i've been hinted by my manager i should be the best person to go up if they need someone to work there for a longer period of time.


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                  Originally posted by Satinchris
                  btw, riding on this thread, would you gals negotiate for a pay raise if your company is sending you abroad for short work stints (abt 1-2 weeks each trip for a period of time)? :huh: :huh:
                  hmm u should put it to your manager, if needed you can go but you have to look at your package
                  however that aside, are you willing to go to KL to work as in relocation?

                  also is that considered a promotion or just a vertical move?


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                    is it just for short working trips or is it for a relocation there?

                    if relocation, yes i think you should try to negotiate for an increase in salary, if its just working trips, ask if the company will give any allowances during your stay there


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                      Sales Executive

                      i am just graduate from my biz degree in private institute...went to a interview for sales of software and training programe.. it actually require a person with IT background which i got zero experience in this and sales... but i am good in customer service from my previous experience.
                      today is my 2nd interview and i quite upset cos i cant answer those technical question. I just told them i am a fast learner and willing to learn..
                      Come to the salary i put 1.8k... they ask me y they should pay me 1.8k as a start?? again i told them i wil put in all my effort and contribute as much as i can.
                      hopefully i ge tthe job...
                      My question is...
                      how to get a perfect answer if next time i got this type of interview...
                      Is 1.8k too much (include hp and transport allowance)?


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                        as a start, i think 1.8k as a sales executive is a bit on the high side.
                        however this only applies if there is a commission component to it...
                        if there is no commission, basically 1.8k is okie

                        this qn of "why should we pay you that much?"

                        i will probably answer with "i am here to learn and $X is the market level i believe i should be paid"

                        there is no correct answer so just answer it to what you think it is correct


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                          i think the interviewer will just say we can get a person with experience and same qualification....
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                            yes experience and same qualification but probably not as enthusiastic as you

                            as i have said earlier on, it depends on how the qn is phrased and how you want to answer it
                            the interviewer is there to test u so always be prepared


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                              When times are good, fresh graduates can command high pay. Unfortunately with the recent weakening of economy, its is now the employer market instead of employee. Meaning, newcomers have to agree to whatever salary is offered as there are many people lining up for the job.

                              Well, if your industry is doing well then perhaps you can try negotiating for higher. But do your homework first, as in finding out the reasonable entry salary. At least you know you won't be underpaid or price yourself out of the market.

                              Be confident and if being offered a lesser pay package, ask if there's any pay review say 6 months later, if you are good. Then decide whether you want to take it up.
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