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    thanks for the advice -)

    hmm. actually the sal they offer is within my range -) just a five dollar more.
    I think of nego another 50 dollars more. but i think it isnt very nice to nego.


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      I recently asked for 200 more even though they matched my expected salary, because I asked about certain issues... like if there is OT, and if it is 5 or 6 days work week, and the number of months of bonuses.. and the location too if it means more money goes to transport/food.

      I would actually throw it into the discussion with the hirer, instead of HR, cos it is not up to HR to consider your worth.

      I do not have fantastic academic background, but apparently it worked for me as I justified my request... they didn't agree outright to up my pay, but they said after 3 mths, if I am still in the company, they will up $300 instead of the $200 i requested for, which isnt too bad in my opinion


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        i did ask for more after they gave me an offer. and they agree to it the following day and so i accepted the offer. i think it's good to ask if it's really not within your expected salary.


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          negotiating salary after offer

          hey cotters, need some help as i'm a noobie with employment issues..

          i recently went for an interview with a big company (Co. A), and i am confident that it went well. i was told that i will be contacted for a 2nd interview if i am shortlisted. however, a few days ago i received an email from that company making me an offer (no 2nd interview).

          quite frankly, the offered renumeration was not up to my expectations. i suppose this is partly my fault as i was really eager to work in that company and this was reflected in my cover letter to them. i have another company (Co. B) offering me $200 more. job scope is similar (both seem enjoyable); not sure about workload yet. i'm in a major dilemma. should i sacrifice the $200 a month for the experience of working in a bigger co.?

          my friends have all advised me to take up Co. A's offer as I have always been interested in that industry. they all said that since it's my first job after graduation, i should take the chance to explore my interests and not be too concerned about salary. i agree with this of course, but i'm afraid of regretting my decision because of the lower pay (and also further working location). hence, i'm thinking of asking Co. A if the offer is up for negotiation, but I have no idea how to go about that tactfully without risking them withdrawing the offer..

          btw, there was no mention of benefits/increments/bonus/leave in the email. am i supposed to find out only when i go down to sign the letter of appointment? also, how to open my mouth to negotiate the pay? the pay must be negotiated before they draft the LOA right? should i respond to the offer via email or just call them up? i'm also scared that they will withdraw the offer after i say i want to negotiate...

          i'm so confused and scared at the same time

          if any cotters could shed some light on the negotiation process and give some tips on negotiation techniques, it'll be great... meanwhile i'll just have to grapple with the possibility of Co. A not willing to match and if I should accept the offer nevertheless..


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            Originally posted by faithie View Post
            (both seem enjoyable); not sure about workload yet.
            you know the catch yourself, if no one answers you, go by your gut
            is best you call for a meetup prior to the LOA session, don't be shy.

            jia you


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              anyone one here is trained in the art of salary negotiation? haha. im in the process of negotiating, but like heading nowhere. someone help! :S


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                Hi Highflyer,

                I am wondering if you can share with me how u ask for a higher pay if the offered pay is not within your expectation?


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                  I'm asking for a higher offer. I bring with me freelance writing experience of 4 years and am a first class honours grad. I'm offered 2.2k. I'm not accepting it.


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                    I went for an interview even tho the agency already told me abt the range of salary (its lower than my expected, altho slightly higer than my last drawn) bcos I quite like the industry and what the coy is doing. I successfully went thru the 2 rounds of interview. During the interviews, the interviewer has already told me that sorry they are not able to meet my expected as it already exceeds their budget and asked me if I am okay with it. I said ok at that pt of time.

                    Now, they are offering me a salary that is below my expected but abt 10% increment from my previous. Shld I ask for a higher or accept it?
                    cos a bit pai say since I've said ok b4 and I'm also not sure how to go abt asking for higher? any advice from any kind cotters?


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                      Chevignon If I were you I'll accept the offer ! In this economic climate , it's very difficult to even ask for a 15% increment when you jumped ship reason being that competition is very stiff among candidates and given the fact that we're flooded by FTs (cheaper and better for some )therefore asking for a higher pay which is out of the company's budget will jeopardise your chance of cliniching that job !

                      I recalled that when I went for an interview , there were already a few candidates before me and after I had finished my turn , I saw a few outside waiting after me !

                      So I'm not surprised that HR may have actually shortlisted more than what the Hiring manager has requested for !

                      Congrats to you as you have managed to clear the 2nd round interview but I believed that HR will always have back-ups if the 1st preferred candidate due to some reason does not fit into the "budget range" as determined by the management.


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                        Chevignon, I will also accept it if I were you since you mentioned you like the industry & company. My last offer was only 5% from a big mnc, it's below my expected and they said this is the best they can offer so I didn't negotiate.

                        I feel that if you feel the salary is really way below your expected and you really like to join the company, you have to negotiate. It is no point negotiating if you are not keen to join the company. You are in power to negotiate and now is the time ! If not, you have no power once you sign the appointment letter and you have to stick to this salary for at least 2 years. Noting that the yearly salary increment in most companies is very little. I don't think employers will simply cancel the offer when you negotiate for higher pay. It is time-consuming for them to go through interviews and there is also a reason for selecting you cause you are the best.
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                          hey all, need some advice, am majoring in english. applied for freelance work at a new beauty mag, they asked me to reply with my rates... how should i reply? by hour or wordcount or what??? advice appreciated, tia!


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