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  • Canada

    any nice places in the east side of canada to rec? i'll most prob be going to toronto, was hoping to travel around the east side. thanx!

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    when are you going? i will be going toronto too end march, will be there from 21-25 march


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      Hey Cheryl, Toronto is a nice place. I've been there couple of years back. The most memorable place was Niagara Falls, it was like an hour trip from the city. I've been wanting to sell waterfall and the first one i saw was this huge one! Is really amazing. I took helicopter to see the whole waterfall, and the cruise to feel how strong the water is. AMAZING


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        hi! i'll prob be going in May -either early may or end april.

        will be flying to and from toronto as my bf is there - went there last winter, nice so this time, am thinking of some places we can travel too that's nearby, not just toronto alone. any recs?

        last time was toronto - Ny - washington great trip! and yep niagara falls is very nice! but i sorta expected it to be bigger hehe


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          I might be going Toronto too! Have anyone taken Maid of the Mist, will it be avail during early May?


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            It should be open again somewhere in April
            I will be heading back up to toronto as well! So many of us going there aye?
            Oh if you can, I suggest going upwards to Quebec City, its really pretty! I felt like I was in a storybook town when I was there just a month ago!


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              yeah was thinking of going to quebec city.. or montreal.. anywhere to recommend to stay ie: maybe u have stayed there before? affordable lodging of cos.. all on budget here haha.

              btw, just curious, how come so many pple are going to toronto? exchange there? or going to see loved one? i'm going to see my bf.. but other than that, there's nothing much to do there, we both agree on that, that's why thinking of going other places.


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                i'm actually looking up a childhood friend there. she migrated when we were in primary school and the last time i saw her was when she came back during my secondary school days. right now i'm already working and it's been like 7-8 years since we last met up

                have heard that toronto is more or less like singapore, oh well it is still another country so i'm still kinda excited


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                  True! there's really nothing much to do in toronto but you could go visit the Nigara falls while you're there!
                  And oh Quebec and Montreal, I'm on a shoestring budget so I went backpacking and stayed in hostels, Hostelling International is pretty good, clean, safe and good location


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                    Will be staying there for 3 nights, Toronto is my last segment of my 2 weeks trip to USA, will be going to Las Vegas and Orlando first. Going to Toronto is just to see Nigara Falls which is one of the seven wonders of the world, hoping to be able to ride on Maid of the mist

                    As recommended by demigoddess1512, will be staying at Courtyard by Marriott

                    So other than Nirgara Falls, there is really nothing esle in Toronto?


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                      i have been to toronto last winter, yep basically only niagara falls - i'm going again hopefully to take maid of the mist.

                      other than that, in toronto, can go to the canadian national tower, thats abt all..

                      any sights to recommend in montreal and quebec city ie: landmarks, nice places etc? thanx!


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                        Heyo! Sorry for the late reply, I overlooked this thread!
                        But anyhoo, hmmm in Montreal there is basically a main street called Saint Catherine street which is like... 15km long?!? Lined with all the shops and pubs you could possibly want to visit. Then there is the Old montreal and the st Laurent lake which is pretty! You could try ice-skating at the open rink if you want!
                        Everywhere is walkable in Old Montreal, we spent a whole day just travelling around and places like Little Italy and Chinatown are also within walking distances, you should be able to find your way around easily. Will you be skiing there? Maybe you could head up to Mt. Tremblant!

                        In Quebec city theres the Frontenac hotel (so expensive! ) and the segregation between Old and New Quebec. Old quebec is really pretty and full of quaint little shops! New quebec is where you get the commercial stuff but Rue Cantiei (check the sp! ) and Grande Allee are to go to! Also, if you can check out the "Sugarloaf", really pretty waterfall! Had loads of fun there. And if you can, Mount St. Anne and the area! You should be able to get info from the tourism office/hotels there, they are very helpful!

                        Also, try the Montreal sandwiches. I'm a sub lover and their servings are gloriously huge. Hehe. Also, remember to try the poutine! Awesome after a long day.


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                          Toronto Attractions

                          There are so many more things to do in Toronto other than visit Niagara Falls.

                          In Toronto itself:
                          ~ CN Tower (the world's tallest freestanding structure)
                          Have fun out at the observation deck, be amazed at the glass floor (not meant for those who are afraid of heights, can be scary if you look down), enjoy the view of the city.

                          ~ Casa Loma (only castle in Toronto)
                          I love this place, huge grounds, very interesting to see what it's like. Very pretty. During Spring and Summer, you will see brides taking pictures in the gardens.

                          ~ Paramount Canada's Wonderland
                          It's always fun in a theme park. The rides are awesome, with a new ride every year (it seemed). Open daily during Summer, and usually weekends during Spring.

                          ~ CNE (Canadian Exhibition Center)
                          There are so many things in here. Check the tourist guide on what's going on. Fairs, casino, agriculture, livestocks, midways, food, etc. It's a fun place to be at.

                          ~ Royal Ontario Musuem
                          Generally very interesting exhibits in areas of visual arts, archaeology, the life sciences and natural history.

                          ~ Canada's Sports Hall of Fame or Hockey Wall of Fame
                          If you are into sports.

                          ~ Skydome
                          Toronto's pride and home to the Blue Jays (baseball) & Argonauts (Football - CFL). Can see the building from CN Tower. It has a retractable roof (world's first) which takes only 20mins to open or close.

                          ~ Eaton Center
                          Huge shopping mall. Sephora is there too!

                          Niagara Falls (Honeymoon Capital of the World)
                          ~ a truly romantic place, easy to get around too.
                          ~ visit the wineries
                          ~ Maid of the Mist (warning: extremely cold sprays)
                          ~ Journey behind the Falls
                          ~ Whirlpool Aero Car
                          ~ Marineland and a Go-Karting place are nearby, can drop in for a visit too.


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                            Used to live in Rochester, NY and drive out to Toronto (3H) or Montreal (6H). The Niagara Falls I only visited from the USA side, though.
                            Anyway, if you can, take brunch at CN tower, revolving restaurant! Up there you have this glass floor and when you stand on it, you can see the ground below you, quite cool.
                            And the RO Museum has hands-on activities for children (if you have any), I've always found North American museums great for this (if you ever go to Rochester, the Strong Museum has a mini-world for kids, can 'shop' and 'check out' in a supermarket etc).
                            And Montreal's cold but great. And yes, try poutine (fries with gravy and cheese), and do visit Old Montreal. Doesn't matter if you don't speak French, even the French have difficulty understanding their French. If you like music, beside Celine Dion they've exported Garou. The sexy cracky voice sort. He was the hunchback in the Notre Dame de Paris musical.
                            For hotels, check out among others. There's a VIP All Suites Montreal Hotel that has rooms in lofts in a historical Bldg near/in Old Montreal. They have promotions till May. we might go there ourselves in April, if we're not too broke.


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                              hey everyone!
                              I am planning to visit canada in may to june. Will be backpacking for 2 months. Can anyone tellme what is the weather like then... Thanks