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    I'm sorry if i post this at the wrong thread. I could have posted this in Cozy Gourmet but my intention for buying this thing is not for food purposes. Rather, i want to use this for making some handcrafts.

    Can some kind souls please tell me where I can long cinnammon sticks?As long as the breadth of a A4 size paper...I've been to a few supermarkets but they do not have those that come in that length. I really need this urgently!


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    Ok, I can't guarantee that they'll have sticks that long, but have you tried Indian spice shops? I know they exist, though the only one I've found is the spice section of Mustafa dept store. Cheap and good If you've never been there: take the MRT to Farrer Park station, and ask any of the shop SAs for directions to the supermarket - the place is huge and spans two buildings. They're open 24h.

    Before you go, call them up to check. Also, look under Spices in the yellow pages and try calling those shops too.


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      Thanks Saresha, that's where my aunt told me to go too. Maybe i'll try that tomorrow. Thanks dearie!