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    Has anyone been to Krabi? I'm thinking of the Railay area where it's not so crowded like Aonang and more scenic. There's rockclimbing there too

    Anyone? Did anyone take little tours out to other islands etc? I want to go sometime in July since it's my only free time, is the weather thaaaaat bad? (i know nov-to march is the best time tho) It's so much cheaper then.

    Advice appreciated!

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    Re: Thailand>Krabi

    Hi, I just booked a tour package to Krabi for 4 days 3 nights. The 3rd night is free. Planes also depart on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays by Silk Air. My package includes airport transfers, free half day tour and daily breakfasts. It costs about $385 after adding all airport taxes and whatever taxes. I'll write more about it when I'm back!! Looking forward to the trip....


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      i went there in jan. nice place..better go before it gets too commercialised. now it's still alright.

      one word of advice : don't go to phi-phi island!

      it's horrible! infested with rude and loud china tourists! as this island is located between phuket and krabi, you have loads of tourists from these two places. super crowded. and it's very very commercialised. in a bad bad way somemore.

      if you must go, pls spend some money and book speedboat. if you take the so-called 'luxury ferry', good luck, most of them overloaded with tourists. you have no choice but to go to the deck and be fried, if you choose to stand inside, you'll be suffocated coz some ferries are very old and the ventillation is atrocious. and let's not talk abt the loo condition.

      if you wanna to go to an island for snorkelling or diving, i'll suggest hong island inst.


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        Back from my trip, and sorry for the late post. I truly love Krabi lots, and would definitely go there again.

        August is considered low peak season, and it's raining on some days. But we did have a good time nevertheless. There is mostly water sports you can indulge in, and lots of people join day tours to neighbouring islands to snorkel, kayak etc. I would have love to join the 1 day abseiling tour, but due to bad weather, the guide told us it is not being offered

        I stayed in Ao Nang Villa Resort and it was really nice. Breath-taking views from my resort. Cliffs on one side, and when you swim, you can see the beautiful cliffs. On cloudy days, you can see wisps of clouds just going by. From the resort itself, just cross the street and you find lots of restaurants, shops, even 7-eleven, MacDonalds, Armani Exchange etc. It is very safe to walk around in the evening.

        Food is very cheap over there, as well as day trip. I went to Hong Islands for a day and it costs about S$47 inclusive of lunch, kayak, snorkel. The journey itself is a bit long, about half an hour by van, and then another half hour by long tail boat to Hong Islands. But it's worth all the trouble. I love the water so much! The sea-green colour is truly amazing.

        Surprisingly, lunch in the resort itself only come up to 100 baht, and it is a set lunch. I love the pad-thai noodles there!!!! There is further 15% discount because we are residents of the resort. Mostly, we have lunch in the resort because it is so good and cheap and head out to the restaurants for dinner. Breakfast is inclusive in the package, so there were no worries.

        It is very quiet and peaceful place there, especially my resort. We are the only 2 girls among the Singaporean tourists and the rest are couples. And they are mostly hiding in the rooms, and we have the swimming pool all to ourselves. And we swim in the morning and evening!

        I spent less than S$550 for 4 days 3 nights stay, inclusive of airfare, accomodation and food Really pretty good deal.

        I guess pictures say a thousand words, so if you want to take a peek at how it looks like, the room we stayed in, Hong Island, Ao Nang Beach, etc, it's all there.



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          pei, looking at your photos reminds me of my vacation in krabi in jul. i wanna go back!

          i went on the 4-island cruise - ko kai, ko tup, ko hong and ko (i forget the name)

          snorkelling there is unbelievable! and food is so cheap!!!! i want my banana pancake!


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            Yes, there is something about the bananas there that tastes so good. I love the fried banana with vanilla ice-cream..........

            Which resort did you stay in and was it good???


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              i stayed in Ao Nang. can't remember the name now, but it was near Bernie's. not too bad, spacious room, decent facilities. pool was under renovation when i was there but it didn't matter cos we were out every day anyway. the restaurant food was super.

              i prefer the banana pancake. super thin and crispy 'prata'-like dough with just caramelized bananas on the inside topped with lashings of condensed milk and sugar. HEAVEN!

              mango pancake was good too.


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                Hi, I am thinking of going for a short getaway end of the year and Krabi sounds so relaxing (me and my husband looking for a place just to rest and relax to destress from our hectic work schedule)
                not commercial no shopping malls....etc

                May I know any direct flight there or I have to fly to phuket then transfer to Krabi?

                paleypei, you spent $550 on yourself for everything isit?? which airline did you book??


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                  Hi Smabbit,

                  Krabi is the right place to go if you are looking for somewhere quiet and peaceful. Silkair provides direct flight to Krabi. I took Silkair. It is only about 1.5 hrs flight.

                  Yes, I spend about or less than $550 on myself for everything. Food is very reasonable there, which helps to keep your budget down.


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                    Originally posted by lolitapop
                    Has anyone been to Krabi? I'm thinking of the Railay area where it's not so crowded like Aonang and more scenic. There's rockclimbing there too

                    Anyone? Did anyone take little tours out to other islands etc? I want to go sometime in July since it's my only free time, is the weather thaaaaat bad? (i know nov-to march is the best time tho) It's so much cheaper then.

                    Advice appreciated!

                    I stayed at Railey 2 years ago when I went there to rock climb with my friends. very beautiful place which is very laid-back. There are no cars on the little island, travelled everywhere on foot. Stayed at ViewPoint Bungalows (it's actually very basic resort with room and bathroom). Shared a room without air-conditioning with my friends. Food there is delicious and cheap! Love the banana pancake, which is similar to our prata with slices on banana in there. Friends told me that the owner came to Singapore, tried prata and went back to Krabi to set up the stall!!

                    Railey is basically a very good place to chill out. Most vistors would hang out on the beach, which has got lovely fine white sand. There's also a famous nudist beach near Princess Cave. Restaurants line the beach and it's wonderful to have dinner outdoor and enjoy the sea breeze.

                    Shops there are pretty limited but you can get your essentials like shampoo, drinks etc there. Bought a lovely silver starfish pendant which was handmade when I was there.

                    By the way, lolitapop, do you do rock-climbing?


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                      Hello ..I'm a newbie..
                      Anyways i went to Krabi in February this year. I took advantage of Silkair getaways. It was very cheap. Only 250 for a 4days 3night stay at Ao nang Beach including flight and accomadation. Stayed at Krabi La Playa.
                      The place is gorgeous. It was not badly affected by the recent tsunami. You do can see the destruction. Like the long tail boats being overturned and some of the roads being damaged.
                      I went snorkelling at the Phi Phi islands. Didn't go to the Phi Phi Don island cos it was badly damaged by the tsunami. You can actually see a lot of rubble and the hotels that were damage. But nevertheless the waters very clear and the scenery was nice.
                      You can rent a bike or a car there. Me and my So rented a bike for only $6 a day.And we went exploring round the whole of Krabi. You don't even need a licence to rent the bike. IT was like riding on the electric bicycle. I have fallen so in love with Krabi(the scenery) that i decided to go Phuket in May.


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                        I will be leaving for Krabi this weekend!

                        Will be staying at The Cliff. Anyone stayed there before? Any reviews/ comments?

                        Where do i sign up for activities like island-hopping and stuff? And where can i find nice restaurants, if any?


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                          is there any shopping at krabi?

                          e place looks very quiet & calm from paleypei photos, i wanna go somewhere with life & happening, like patong beach, but went b4... r there any other recc in phuket?


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                            I spent the last weekend at Krabi (4D3N). We hung around at Ao Nang beach area. Ao Nang beach is a pretty accessible area since there is a "river taxi terminal" on the beach, hence travelling to the nearby island is a breeze. There are lots of restaurants/cafes, pubs, shops all around the beach. Food is cheap.

                            It cost just 30-50baht to travel down to Krabi Town (20-30min away) by public bus. I dun like Krabi town. Find is rather quiet and boring.

                            We took a day tour (4 island tour) to the nearby islands - costing only 360baht, it covered lunch, drinks, fruits and snorkelling googles. These islands werent affected by the tsunami. Water was clear and very good for snorkelling. Unfortunately we did not have time for more tours. Heard the Phi Phi Don and the Cave kayaking tours are good though.

                            Absolutely in love with this place.

                            If you are travelling to Krabi anytime soon, I suggest at least 3-4 full days. Because there is sooo much to do!! Erm, I'll be returning sooon


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                              Is it expensive to do water sport there?

                              How is their weather like around xmas season?