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  • hi vampiel, via tripadvisor, you should be able to determine the resort is on the east or west side. do take note, that railay bay resort and spa spreads over both east and west, and west is the better side. do request to stay near west side. and if you are travelling during these 2 months, its off peak session, so chances of your request being approved is quite high.


    • Thanks moomooland, i will take note of the request, anyway i will be going on the last week of june, so not so sure whether does it still consider the low peak period.


      • Aonang Buri Resort 9th May - 12may

        I booked aonang buri resort at SGD39 Per night in agoda..quite a good deal though ...anybody can recommend tour agency that offers good day trips ? Thanks


        • We will be travelling to Krabi in July/August, hopefully doesn't rain alot there.

          Basically, we luv to stay in a place where we can rot by the beach under the shade or suntan, eat by the beach plus some light shopping nearby.

          Seems so many hotel hotels at railay area able to suit our needs? or aonang beach or other beaches?


          • Considering bangkok's situation, is it safe to travel to krabi in June?


            • We just back from Krabi, basically just stayed in Aonang beach.

              I find the place is so "un-thailand". Pls note I am not racist but there are just too many Indian shops/resturants there. People are generally not as hospitality and friendly as those in BKK. Food wise is ok, if you don't mind western/indian food, beside the few authentic Thai outlets.
              The massages are not bad but hubby found the Thai massage not authentic. I had oil massage and I liked it though.

              Aonang beach is quite dirty and not as nice as those in Bali, waves are pretty small. Thus, we couldn't have the relaxing feel that we had in Bali, except Kuta Plus, the stuff there are more expensive. The retailers aren't as enthusiastic to reduce the prices further, even though it is low season now.

              For those booking day trips, you can try to negotiate with the travel agents. Usually, you will be grouped with others who have booked with diff agent, unless you go for private tours.

              Krabi town is a dead town. The 2 bigger shopping malls are located out of town, and they reminded me of Carrefour, lol. Travelling there from Aonang is 600bth, one way. You can try to take their local bus, 50 baht to their interchange and 10 or 20 baht to the malls. Pls don't alight within Krabi town. We alighted by mistake. The pte operators will try to rip tourists with their pte cabs, 300-400 baht per car. We rejected their offers and one guy, pretended to help us, quote us 30, instead of 20 baht to take the bus to the terminal. when we refused, he shouted at us. Later, after shopping at the bigger malls, we returned to the town for some light shopping at a small mall called Vogue, the same guys there kept staring at us like hooligans even when we were sitting in the bus. Quite an experience.
              This is definitely not Thailand we know at all!!!! Krabi Town is not worth to visit, you may skip this to avoid high blood pressure.

              As we are not keen to go for island hopping, we may return to Krabi next year but staying at Phi Phi Island or Koh Lanta Island before ending our trip in Phuket.


              • Any island in krabi that is a must go ?
                With clear waters ?
                And activites to do ?


                • does anyone has an itinerary to share?

                  how much will it cost to engage a driver there to take us around? bali was cheap, i suppose thailand will be more expensive?

                  and also, how do we proceed to phuket from krabi?


                  • Bali is cheaper for engaging pte driver. In Krabi 600 baht for less than half an hour trip, so we didn't ask for pte. Anyway, they aren't keen to advertise for pte driver.
                    Day trip with group starting from 1100 baht per pax, depending on the program.

                    Take ferry or drive from krabi to phuket. Ferry will be the better choice.


                    • seems like everything else is cheaper than bali.

                      i'm rather shocked, didn't expect krabi/phuket to be so expensive. my frd did watersports and the prices are exorbitant compared to bali.

                      think i'll take a ferry to phuket instead. checked out prices with a car rental company, cost about THB3500 a day.


                      • 3 bedrooms villa with a private pool


                        Anybody can recommend a 3 bedrooms villa with a private pool?

                        Thanks in advance. =)


                        • hi everyone, i'm looking at booking a package in august to krabi. any good and cheap travel agencies to reccomand?


                          • hi froggie! which travel agency did u book for your krabi package? do assist! TIA!~


                            • Any suggestions for the activities planned?From 15 dec-20dec2010 morning flight. 5days enough? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

                              Kayak & snorkelling
                              Choose 1.

                              1. Ao-Thalane + Koh Hong sea kayak (full day)
                              2. Kayak koh hong and snorkel
                              3. Ao Thalene

                              Island hopping
                              Choose 1 or 2.

                              1. Hong island tour - is this the 5 island tour? or can do separately?
                              2. Phi phi island
                              3. 4 island

                              Other activities: Advisable?

                              1. Tiger cave temple, hot spring, emerald pool
                              2. Elephant trek

                              Can someone quote me the estimated prices for some of them?I'm rather confused with the island hopping. Is the Hong island tour and the Koh Hong sea kayaking the same? Is snorkelling included in the island hopping?
                              Last edited by ohcura; 13-07-2010, 12:38 PM.


                              • Island tour> snorkeling is inclusive. they will stop by each island for ard 1-2 hours.. lunch will be provided.

                                refer to for price range