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  • ~beach Volleyball~

    hmm any one here into beach volleyball or volleyball?

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    Was in the school team, but nvr had a chance in representing the school. 'cos it closed down 2 years later, long story~~ Anyway, the last time I played was last year, with some of my colleagues at Sentosa beach. Not very actively into playing it now.


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      hi, sometijmes i play on Sat with my colleagues. Not very good but just for fun.


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        ermmmm, remind me of the good old days.....

        me used to play during recess time od my sec4 days... there was like a compound between the 2 block of building n a bunch of us played almost everyday! its like 2 of us will start palying... n others saw, then will come join us.... we from different classes... so fun...

        now, me no longer play ***.... no kakhi to pla together ***.. but still aiming to buy a volleyball to play with my bf in freetime... yet dunno spent too much money on it also...


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          Used to play volleyball during my secondary school days..

          Was into beach volley about 2 years back but stopped because I m afraid of the sun..


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            I am very into volleyball.
            In my school team too.
            Very fun But realise that not many people like this sport.


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              i think many people still like beach volleyball..i guess have to find the right kakis..but personally, i like to maintain fairness so i stay away from any sport under the sun including beach volleyball..dun mind playing it during sunset times..


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                me too!! a fan, a school player, i never tried beach VB. auntie only tried concrete VB

                yes, need kakis for such sport, i missed my old days.


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                  shall we start a volleyball team?

                  since mostly are vball fans and in some ways still missing the games....

                  shall we all start a team together to play on a regular basis? we can pool some money to book a court during the weekday nites aft work or smthg?

                  email me? let me know your thots! : )

                  [email protected]

                  looking forward to starting a team to play for leisure sake! let the games relive!!!