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    where to get tutu kuey at night? and also muah chee


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      I bought mine in Hougang. But they will close the stall once all are sold out. It's pretty early.. like 9pm??


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        Food at night = supper right?!

        I supper quite alot.... hehe... so guilty....

        like the prata at the 24hr coffeeshop near Jurong East Swimming Complex... it's crispy... been a year or so since i last visited.. i wonder there's any changes to it...

        another prata is the cheese prata shop near NUS... missed the cheese and mushroom prata.. it's best eaten at the store cos the cheese will harden if you were to buy back....

        there was this coffeeshop near BBDC that serves Teochew porridge with great giam chye*... my friends love it...

        yup... the Yong He tau hway at Geylang is good...
        There was this tian ji zhou** shop nearby... will be great if you are looking for more filling supper...

        The nasi lemak store at the Boon Lay market was not bad... the people there are quite jovial... they will joke with you while serving you... and there's this logo "Smile if you want more chilli"...

        erm... down the serangoon road, there was also another nasi lemak shop.. quite famous.. well.. my verdict was... it tastes similar, but it more expensive than the one down the road.. and it has a long queue... you could try out the bak chor mee*** the dry version at the noodle shop under the same roof as this nasi lemak store... personally think it wasn't that bad...

        and also, opposite the road, there was this famous curry rice store that only starts operation at 12 IIRC... the curry wasn't as what i would expect... it's kind of watery.. I was looking forward to a thicker gravy.....

        nearby the bowling alley at kovan station, there was this coffeeshop that sells crabs, 3 for $10... had the 3 curry and 3 black pepper over there with another guy and girl.. it was not bad for the price we paid... and i think it's cheap for those who just wanted to fulfil there craving for crabs....

        lastly.. i heard that along Mohammad Sultan... there was this bak kut teh that was not bad... haven't had a chance to drop by though... anyone tasted before?!

        oh no.. i'm such a glutton...

        *giam chye = preserved vegetables
        **tian ji zhou = frog porridge
        ***bak chor mee = minced meat noodle


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          Originally posted by dionne_wu
          CHOCOLATE. Super Sinful but I just like the feeling of having chocolate late at night.
          i love chocolate! chocolate brownies, chocolate muffin, chocolate ice cream, chocolate bar, chocolate cake, chocolate breads


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            i get really weird cravings, one minute it can be fried chicken, the next century egg porridge, prata etc


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              SantaGal >> You mean Fong San or somewhat a similiar name?? I love the prata there too. Another shop nearby also sell nice black pepper chicken chop!!! Not sure if it's still around!


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                Re: Food at night

                Originally posted by Caffeine
                What are the food you like to snack on late at night?


                Century Eggs with Ginger slices
                Fried Tou Gua
                Maggi Mee

                Depends on how late..

                - dessert type : soft cookies, brownies, ice cream,

                - food : something thats usually hot & soupy, boiled soup, instant noodles, shui jiao!!!! And lately?? the Feifei wantan mee hahaha


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                  Originally posted by wendee
                  where to get tutu kuey at night? and also muah chee
                  The kopitiam opposite Bishan CC has one stall that sells both tutu kueh and muah chee, opens till about 10-11pm..


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                    Now is also a good time to enjoy hawker fare at Orchard Road. From now until end of July, 6pm - 6am, there will be a great variety of hawker fare between the junction of Killiney & Orchard Road.

                    Good for grabbing supper after shopping, won't you say?


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                      glutton square

                      following kare's post, i've checked out the place and the food is prices are also reasonable. SO and me had prata and the plain ones cost $0.60 and the carrot cake $3, pretty ok considering that most food places in SG like to jack up places (recall food street in chinatown aka smith street)

                      the only con to the place is that the workers dont clear the plates fast enough. even when i wanted to clear the plates myself i didnt know where i could put them. also if you go in a large group there would be difficulty in finding seats. SO and me shared a table with some people

                      overall worth a visit, do hurry down :late:


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                        tibits ! very sinful ruffles and cheezel!


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                          glutton square

                          was there last night! but the food wasn't that fantastic. queues were too long too.. doubt i'll go back but its worth the experience


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                            Originally posted by Adessa
                            SantaGal >> You mean Fong San or somewhat a similiar name?? I love the prata there too. Another shop nearby also sell nice black pepper chicken chop!!! Not sure if it's still around!
                            Yes... think that's the one..


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                              I am soo craving for dimsum for supper now!


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                                Originally posted by baobei
                                I am soo craving for dimsum for supper now!
                                dimsum for supper? you wouldn't be able to sleep after that!
                                but it is a great indulgency, i must admit!