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    u're making me think about the dim sum at geylang..opposite the famous tao huay


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      my fave night foodies....

      tau hway. meiji yogurt. cashew nuts. plaster (prata with sunny side egg on it). nasi lemak. sea haam (blood cockles). roti john. pringles sour cream and onion. rocher choccies. (hell, ANY choccies....)

      now i'm hungry.


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        I simply love Tom Yam or Korean Kim Chi Maggi Mee loaded with lots of chilli flakes. Spicy but shiok!

        But maggi mee has very high fat content, so I do not usually eat that, will grab anything available and biscuits and stuff.

        Now trying hard to shed some pounds, avoiding supper when possible, guess most girls are like me, like to eat, but afraid of putting weight


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          Fave Supper Haunts

          I love feeling gluttony in the middle of the night! Where are your fave supper haunts? *slurp*


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            My bf and I love going for Yong Tau Foo. Sound kinda strange having that for supper ah??

            This stall is found in Henderson hawker centre, just opp Henderson Sec Sch, near Henderson cc. Recognize this stall by the snaking queue. It's one of the few stalls that is still open at that time. The stall is mend by a husband and wife team. But do be wary cos the wife is not the friendliest person around. She won't hesitate to scream at you. and u must stand there to queue and wait for your turn. Speaks only cantonese i think.

            Food's great. Love the added ikan bilis and green chillies in the soup. You will love this stall if you like pig's organs which is kinda rare find for Yong Tau foo. Price wise is reasonable too. U get a BIG bowl for less than $3.

            Opens from 11pm till late.


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              Any idea where to get food in the west side at night?! Been searching for new places lately.. quite bored by the choices left.. guess alot of shops is like closing down or their opening hrs don't last so long.

              Now my choices narrowed down to those 2 24-hr coffee-shops along the bus 179 route (bus to NTU), Boon Lay Market Nasi Lemak, Fong Seng, and S-11 at Taman Jurong.

              The coffee shop that sell crispy pratas near the Jurong East Swimming Complex don't seem to be operating for the past few days.

              Where else where else?! Any "night" food in Holland V or Clementi or any area in the west?! Sad....


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                CaramelGirl, that yong tau foo stall sounds good! I always relate the yumminess of the food to the amount of people queueing at the stall haha. And oh I looove pigs' organs! Thanks for the rec!


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                  oh good! i've been craving for yong tau i know where to go when im out at night!

                  i love the yong tau hu at commonwealth crescent hawker though, not sure if its under renovation. cheap and good. but prob good cos i used to go there often with granny


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                    yea, i live in the west too...

                    Clementi - one coffeeshop near the interchange, it opens till quite late. I do not think their fried beehoon is nice, but guess there are other choice there

                    Holland Village - Jade Crystal! I like to go there with my boyfriend in the past, but a little expensive. At night, not much dim sum left. But you can try their *** fun. Priced around $12 plus, but VERY NICE i would say, has scallop also. Big and fresh!

                    The coffeeshop a little further down from Crystal Jade also sells nice Wu Xiang with friend beehoon.

                    You can try them out.


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                      just wondering, does the crystal jade @ holland v have xiao long bao?


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                        crystal jade @ holland v does have xiao long bao. however u need to go really early, like before 10pm. they always sell out very fast. only had it once out of 3 times i was there.


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                          thanks rion!

                          any other recommendations for supper in the east other than bedok & changi? i can't believe i'm saying this but i'm getting pretty sick of blk 85's ba chor mee & porridge.. & what other food does geylang have at night other then beef h.or fun? TIA!


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                            Frankly, I'm quite sick of 85's bar chor mee too

                            What's good at Geylang now? Try the Thai restaurant near Lorong 7 for authentic Thai cuisine. Run by Thais. Name escapes me.

                            There's a curry scissors rice at lorong 35 which operates till late hours (like 3am). If you are looking for something filling, I guess that's the place to go.

                            Else, you can try the claypot rice at lorong 29 (I think). I believe that's the famous claypot rice. They don't open till very late for supper though.

                            You eat frog legs' porridge? Try the one at Lorong 5 instead of Lorong 9. I remember they 'give away' like 2 frogs for every 3 frogs purchased. Pardon my bad english here.

                            There's also dim sum at lorong 8 and another one along Sims Avenue (near lorong 17 where they sell lots of durian).

                            There's also teochew porridge and nasi lemak at lorong 17.

                            Though I stay at Geylang all my life, there's really nothing much. It's the same old eateries. Just drive around and maybe you will find more places than I do


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                              My fave supper haunt is cheese parta together with a glass of tehchino along kentridge road.


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                                My hb and i will be going for either yong tao hoo at Jalan Besar or Soup kambing (mutton soup) at Adam Rd foodcourt and on weekends will be nasi lemak at changi village..

                                I don't really like yong tao hoo at first but after trying the one at Jalan Besar, we really got so hooked that we even go there for dinner! We go there at least once a week and i do crave for it.

                                It's next to that Changi prawn noodles stall (ren ren da xia mien) and opens till 3am... lotsa customers esp taxi drivers!