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  • Demi, how about DIY?


    • Hi Dolphin,

      Where can i DIY
      is it at Leaping Lizards?? where esle..
      Dont tell me that your DIY is to buy a plain pair of shoes and sticking my own feathers on it


      • Originally posted by demigoddess1512
        Dont tell me that your DIY is to buy a plain pair of shoes and sticking my own feathers on it
        right on! clever girl!

        How about Paradox? They also custom make shoes.


        • Are u sure..i dont think i am that artisitic.

          Where is paradox??
          Do you know how much it costs to custom make a shoe


          • No idea how much it will cost but it can be anything above $100? IIRC, They are located at Palais Renaissance the last time I browse a local bridal mag. Maybe you can check.


            • Dear, very pretty shoes. I think customized-made shoes should cost around S$100 and above. I am thinking to get a customized-made wedding shoes as I had problem to get a nice pair of shoes most of the times.

              Ted Collection told me that they will have customized-made wedding shoes selling in the shop in June. I am going to have a look then or else, i will ask Rick to design for me.

              hey, dear. I flipped thru Her World Brides Magazine again during the weekends. Then, i saw Melvin's name in the magazine for some photo-shooting MU. Maybe you can have a look on that too if you got the magazine. You can check the section where the ladies offered to try on the bridal MU & Wedding gown before their wedding day. I think I will go for Melvin.


              • Great

                at least i got another alternative for custom made shoes.

                Oh really, let me go check out my Her World Brides tonight and read up more on Melvin.He is a MUA artiste right??

                Tks dear


                • Dear, yes. You can consider Ted Collection for the wedding shoes.

                  Yes, her World Brides Magazine. I forgot which page already. I think you know that section That I mentioned: there are 3 ladies readers who got free trial MU & WG for PS. Check the MUA name, even the hair-stylist, Sunny Kor, is from Isis hair & beauty Salon (Isis in short form). There is also another several pages which shows a European & Chinese model wearing kuah & cheongsam. Near the back part of the magazine. MUA is Melvin also & hairstylist again is Sunny Kor. I like Sunny's hair styling especially the fashion pages right after this Kauh & cheongsam pages.

                  Do check them out and tell me your comments. Thanks


                  • Hi Dear...

                    I searched my whole hose for the magazine yesterday but i cant find it. i reckon that its at my mother's house
                    so i cannot give u my comments on the hair styling...

                    anyway just a little feedback that i gathered on ISIS salon. Yes, its formerly at PP, so i hv been there before.

                    stylists are quite friendly with friends and regulars but other than that, always silent pauses. That's how i felt??

                    cant remeber who i used to my ex used to frequent but he's quite skilful though.

                    The last time when i was there with him, there were not many male stylists so i guess that my ex stylist was either sunny or melvin. Now things could be different.

                    But gal, if u really like their MU style and hairstyling, u should go visit their salon to try out first.


                    • Dear, it's ok. I didn't go for shopping last weekend, so I got no chance going to the salon also. I told bf their salon is in Raffles Hotel Arcade. I think I can go there this weekends.

                      Actually, I can call them to ask about the prices too.... see how later.

                      So, have you settled which MUA to go for?


                      • Kai has not gotten back to me on when is our next meeting again. Most likely it will be TG since he have not brought me any bad news.

                        If not i will opt for my hairstylist, he is also a MUA and a relatively new comer in the bridal industry. Ken Hong from hairtage

                        I think you can read his reviews on either female brides or style brides. His package also cheaper hair and makeup day and night $550.00
                        i simply adore his hairstyling skills....

                        I guess i will be going to settle by invitation card designs by early july at T dragon Designs. Have u heard about them before??

                        Do you think its still necessary to deliver all the bridal cakes along with the invitation cards. Actually what kind of cakes are those and can i order from anywhere. i thought its too traditional and a waste of money.

                        Go check out ISIS salon and let me know your feeback.


                        • Sorry for my late reply, dear.

                          So u consider Ken Hong as well? Can I find his MU in the latest Style weddings ? I only got the latest Her World Brides & Style Weddings. S$550 for Day & night MU is not too expensive,maybe you can go for the trial MU?

                          Dear, you had chosen the card design already?? How much deos it cost?? I am looking for that too...

                          Normally, I think people will send the cake with the invitation card personally if they can. If not, you can ask your parent to do that. Do you know that the cake is called "jia nu bin" (Brides cake/biscuit)? My sister did that and the groom has to pay for the cake actually. For my case, my mum said since I am in Singapore, i can't skip this. So, I think it really depends on whether you want to follow the traditional way or not. If you find this is too troublesome, you can skip it.

                          MUA, i am considering Melvin or Sunny. However, Sunny charges higher for the same packages. :roll:


                          • HI Dear :wave:

                            Will consider Ken Hong as well if TG is unavailable afterall he is my hair stylists

                            i have read the feature on ken Hong before on the latest Female Brides or Style magazine iirc

                            I hv not chosen my card designs yet but my hotel will be providing me 70% of the guranteed attendance which is about 120 cards or so. However i will just need to pay for the printing of these cards costs.

                            My cards are from T-DRAGON ,
                            you can check it out to see if you like the card designs



                            • Dear, I like this design.

                              By the way, which design did you choose? The price will only be quoted thru email. Do you mind to let me know how much you pay for per card? Thanks.

                              I want to show this website to my bf before email T-Dragon to ask about the price.

                              That's good, you can get 1 MUA & 1 Hairstylist. Then, your MU & hairstyling will be very pretty. Have you contacted Ken Hong? As you said, better do it fast. If not, you can't get him as your hair stylist. Good luck to you.

                              I am still looking around for AD photography. Bf said make it in June as he is kinda busy end of May.


                              • Hi Dear..Nice design

                                I haven not visited them yet so far i have not chosen any design

                                however there were some designs bearing the hotel logo that are part of the package, think i will probably opt for those

                                I dont need to pay for the cards dear as it is part of the banquet that the hotel absorbs the costs of the invitations cards (70%).

                                if i need any extra, then they will charge me accordingly which i dont know how much it will costs. All i have to pay is the printing costs of the invitation.

                                My SO has spoken to Ken already, so should be any problem.

                                the next time i go to him for a haircut then i will speak to him again offically. Hope that it turns out nice 1 MUA and 1 hairstylist.

                                Why dont u opt for the same photographer as the one doing your photoshoot. wont the package deal be cheaper.