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  • Hah?? I just booked Tigerairways on Sun, $246 for two person! Ai.yo!


    • Thank you for the tip-off, Jemay. I just booked this afternoon. $132.00 for 2, trip in mid April.


      • Boathouse at Kata is good. The last time I went, they are fully booked for 3 days!
        But prepare to pay like SGD 70 plus per pax for a meal


        • Hi for airport transfer one way is 550baht, is it consider cheap?


          • I think that is quite standard rate for hotels when they offer airport transfer.

            Cheaper alternative is to get the airport bus (van) which is about 100 or 150 BT (can't remember now) which will get you to Patong. Bad thing is that it will make 1 stop at a travel agency where they will ask if you need accommodations or tour bookings.


            • i also didnt ask for hotel transfer to kata beach, was planning to get taxi over there?

              Wanda: boathouse at kata is the resturant name? or located at any resort? thanks!


              • It's easy to get a taxi from the airport... there's a taxi stand in the carpark, once you step out of the arrivals area, ignore all the touts and walk towards the carpark. There is a small booth with all the metered taxi drivers waiting. There is a small surcharge IIRC (abt 100 baht?) but even with the surcharge, total cost from the airport to Kata was about 400 baht (inclusive of a small tip to the cabbie).


                • I've just been to Phuket last month . . Here's some review for Free and Easy:

                  I stayed at a hotel along Patong beach (heard Patong is the most popular beach around in Phuket) and the place was really crowed with people everywhere . . The tourists there were mostly caucasians. The prices of stuffs selling in phuket were expensive, probably marked up due to the huge amount of tourists.

                  There's a street along Patong beach selling apparels, accessories, etc . Do bargain with them. I've bought a set of roxy bikini for Sg 15. (non-authentic but it does look pretty to me). And they have happening nightlife around Patong beach. Lots of pubs and even live boxing shows.
                  There are many shows to book over the counters from hotel and i've watched one called "Fantasea". The show was amazing. With thai dances and plays of thai culture to elephants performance while u sit back and relax at the huge air-conditioned threatre. Must watch .

                  I went snorkelling and the sea water is very crystal clear. Its a bit chalky. Yes, there's a lot of fishes to see anyway. Lots of water sports at Patong Beach but they ain't cheap at all.

                  And the Go-kart was really fun. Must try . And live shooting at Phuket shooting range. . These were really great.

                  Heard from my guide that the biggest shopping centre in Phuket is "Central". They have brands from Bebe, Guess, to Adidas and Puma. A nice place to shop.


                  • Hi just got back from Phuket! Nice sunny weather, yah agree that Patong beach is the more happening place with places to shop & nightlife.

                    But something not so pleasant happen, someone knocked onto me & my So jetski & we had to pay for damages! We had to go the the tourist police & negotiatied all the way from 60,000 baht to 8500 baht!! The people there really know how to extort us! What to do? Lesson learn, don't play with the watersports if you are not familiar with it, its very dangerous. Luckily both of us is ok so this incident didn't spoil our holiday, just abit heartpain having to pay for the costs..

                    I also went to Phuket town, but it looks more like Ghost town to me! Nothing much to see ar all! And the Central departmental store is quite boring as well, except to but bras & underwear, there is basically nothing much. And its very quiet!


                    • Beibei,
                      Sorry to hear about your incident.
                      how about the nightlife? Any place you would recommend?
                      Which hotel you stayed in ? boyfriend & I are going in April.

                      I thought Central has bebe & other international brands? That excites me for a moment.


                      • Thanks huishan! Hee, actually me & SO didn't explore the nightlife, we just want a R&R holiday. Yah we are boring people, haha!

                        But out hotel restaurant is quite happening - Baan Laimai Hotel, it also has a live band & seafood, western food... At night the whole place is packed with tourists!

                        As for Central, I only went to the Lingerie department, but its depressing not to see people shopping.... Very few people...


                        • Did you happen to see the hotel "Avantika" anywhere? I am planning to stay there.

                          How is the lingerie prices there? Any other things on sales there? Like accessories?


                          • No, didn't see Avantika but saw Bursari & Holiday Inn. Holiday Inn look very posh & BIG, with balcony in every room but price tag also ex...

                            The prices is the same as BKK, I've got the 10% coupon & the Wacoal bras is between 490baht (Young line) to 700baht (Before disount). And seamless underwear is 165 - 175baht. The 10% discount will not be available after the 14 Feb but I believe you still can can the 5% off for tourist. And not forgetting if you buy $500baht, can get VAT 7%.

                            I think its because I just went BKK in Jan so when I am at Phuket, the things there seem more expensive so practically got nothing there except food...


                            • I m back too!! whoa...60 000 baht *faintz* but the most impt thing is you guys are alright yeah?

                              Patong stuffs are really expensive and they are only nice to ang mos, haha they didnt even bother to entertain me when I tried to bargain for accessories which they are selling as expensive as Singapore. so no shopping for me!

                              Dian, so did you try the John Grey Canoe? I went on was great!! Alot of nature and good fun because of the guides and other tourists.

                              My hotel--Kata Poolside Resort is completely filled with ang mos...haha but the beach is nice and quiet though.

                              For food try to avoid the afresco rests along the beaches, expensive!! We got "chopped" by one resturant, charged us $60 for 4 jumbo giant prawns and their food is tailored for ang mo's tastebuds such as sweetened tom yam soup.
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                              • Welsome back Huiling!! Yah man, its daylight robbery! But we make a joke out of the whole thing & both of us agree that its a experience of a lifetime... Haha!! We were thinking of going to Phi Phi island but we didn't bring much cash over so decided to go R&R without spending too much...

                                Yah I agreed that its ang mo paradise there! We seldom see asians there & the seafood not excatly cheap... But we did eat the roadside stalls, nostagic & nice & cheap!