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    Originally posted by saphiration
    Hi ladies,

    did anyone just come back from Phuket recently? I'll be going to Phuket in July with my friends and I was just wondering how much of the clean-up is done already and what's the state of the beaches there now.. would appreciate any advice! photos would be a huge help too! so much!
    Me going in July too! 27th till 31st July.

    By the way, was wondering if any ladies here knows where to get some nice glass beads accessories (earrings and necklaces) in Patong Beach or Phuket Town?


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      hey momopeach, can't wait to fly off for the trip! I'll update about the place when I get back alright.. I'll be doin quite a bit of shopping so I can probably help you look out for the glass bead accessories. will let you know again soon!


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        Ok great! Thanks! Have a good trip! I can't wait either! hehehehe.


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          Ladies, I am in BKK now but came from Phuket.

          Momopeach, lots at the roadside by Patong beach. It is so different now, last time Phuket got more shops and lots of acticities and shopping but now most of the places are under renovation.


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            I need some advice:

            Which hotel is reasonably priced (maybe 3-4 star, luxurious but not too suoer high end) and conveniently located, near to eating places, shopping, beach, etc, i.e no need to travel too far or within walking distace. Is it easy and cheap to take cab to get around

            * sorry no question marks at the end of my questions cos prob with keyboard


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              I'm having the same hotel problem as sparkles... any cotters who came back recently care to share reviews of their hotel? I'm kind of leaning towards Kata beach but read somewhere that with the tourist drop & being low season, it's almost completely deserted even during the day. Patong used to be too crazy for me but now kind of wondering if it will be ok due to lower tourist numbers. Managed to snag cheap airfares on Tiger airways ($90.96 incl taxes!) and going for a week during National day. Can't wait!


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                Going on the 21st. What's there to buy in Phuket? I thought it's really R&R over there and not much to buy...
                Will be staying at both Karon and Patong beach. Its low season over there and Ive been advised by my friends to book hotel upon reaching as it will be cheaper.

                Will be staying here in Karon...


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                  Anyone going to eat at Patong beach, please don't make the same mistake as me, I ate at this restaurant call Papaya, the food :puke: . Only the fish cake can eat. The resturant looks nice and food also looks not bad but not tasty at all.

                  I had:
                  Phad Tai ( stir fried kway teow )
                  Fish Cake
                  Mango salad ( Mango too raw )
                  Tom Yum soup ( no taste at all )
                  Stir fried beef ( taste ok but not hot )


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                    snowy, do you mind sharing what hotel you stayed in? Any great shopping hauls or nice spas that you came across during your trip? TIA!


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                      No problem ae260, I stayed in Merlin Beach Resort. It is a distance from Patong Beach and the Tuk Tuk or Taxi will cost 150baht to get to Patong Beach. I don't mind as I just want to get away from the crowd.

                      Nothing much to shop as everywhere is renovating. Another reason could be I know I am going Bangkok thats why I didn't shop much.

                      As for spas, the one at my hotel sucks big time, do not go there. I have no idea regarding this. Any cotters out there can help?


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                        ANybody stayed or came across this resort before? Blue Ocean Resort.. it's in the middle of town...


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                          hi! am thinking of visiting phuket....any idea which hotel thats near to patong just walking distance and affordable need too high end..



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                            does anyone knows if phuket is a good time to go now? is it the monsoon season?

                            cos i chk up the weather, althought its hot but it says thunderstorm for the past few days!!

                            i guess thats why the package are cheap rite??


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                              yes, it's low season now until I think Oct/Nov? Try and their forum for more info...


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                                Originally posted by ae260
                                yes, it's low season now until I think Oct/Nov? Try and their forum for more info...

                                hey! thanks forthe info! ;p