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  • Potato/Rosti recipes

    I want some recipes on potato dishes, any idea? Eg, potato casseroles, potato salads, etc.

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    I LOVE LOVE potatoes salad , heres a very simple recipe.

    - Mashed potatoes
    - Mayonnaise
    - Eggs
    - Bacon Bits
    - Crab sticks
    - Cone (Canned)
    - Ham

    1) Boiled the potatoes first and then mashed it.
    2) Boiled the eggs and crab sticks and cut them into small cube sizes.
    3) Toast the Ham for 2 -3 mins , and cut it into small pieces.
    4) Pour everything (Mayo , eggs , ham , crab stick , cone ) into the a big bowl , and mixed it all up.
    5) Finally , we can sprinkle some bacon bits at the top.


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      Japanese Potato Salad

      My mum used to make this whenever I have parties and it's always a crowd pleaser. I can't quite remember how to make it but it's something like this I think.

      Onion (the small purple ones)
      Japanese Mayo

      Cut the cucumber and onions into very thin stips and soak the cucumber in white vinegar.
      Boil potatoes and mash it up.
      Drain the cucumber and add to the mash potatoes.
      Add the onions and japanese mayo.
      Salt and pepper to taste.

      You can also add in carrot if you like.


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        Cheesy Baked Potatoes

        Taken from Home Econs textbook

        4 potatoes, washed clean
        100g grated cheese
        50g butter
        1 rounded teaspoon of bacon chips(optional)
        1 stalk spring onion, chopped

        1.Boil the potatoes in a saucepan until cooked
        2.Cool them and cut longitudinally into halves
        3.Scoop out from each half some of the cooked potato,leaving the skin and about 1cm thick cooked potato
        4.Spread butter on each potato half
        5.Sprinkle each half with grated cheese (add more if you like), topped with bacon chips and spring onion
        6.Lastly, put on a baking tray and bake in a preheated oven of 180 degree celsius till the potatoes partly brown, and the cheese melts.

        1.Butter gives a good flavour to baked potato
        2.The cooked potato which has been scooped out may be mashed with a rounded teaspoon of butter and a little salt. Put the mashed potato into a piping bag and pipe into shapes for baking


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          :shout: Heres another recipe I've tried

          Potato and Meat Pie

          2 large potatoes, boiled and mashed *
          25g margarine *
          1 tablespoon milk *
          150g lean meat,minced
          2 rounded tablespoons mixed vegetables
          1/2 tomato, diced
          1 level teaspoon cornflour, mixed with a little water
          1/2 tablespoon cooking oil
          Egg, beaten(for glazing)

          * Mix together

          1.Heat oil.Fry meat.
          2.When meat is cooked, add tomato and mixed vegetables.
          3.Place mixture into pie dish
          4.Scoop mashed potatoes over fried ingredients and level it with a palette knife.Make designs on it with a fork.
          5.Brush the top of the pie with beaten egg
          6.Preheat the oven on moderately high temperature and baked till the top is golden brown.
          7.Garnish and serve


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            Here's one that I do to as a side dish.

            1) Drizzle olive oil on peeled cloves of garlic. Place in foil and brown in oven
            2) boil potatos w/o skin. Drain when soft
            3) Use fork to mash. Add in grilled garlic, butter, milk (or milk powder), salt, cracked pepper.
            4) Spread mixture in pan. Sprinkle cheese (mozzie or chedder).
            5) Bake till brown.

            Pretty simple. Can also use wasabi instead of garlic for a chic chic taste.


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              Hi Chris, I learnt this mash potato fish patties when i was in my secondary school, here's the recipe:

              (1)Potatoes - boiled, peel & mash
              (2)Mackeral or similar lesser bone fish - steam & mash
              (3)Red or green chilli - diced (optional)
              (4)Salt, pepper
              (5)Onions -diced (I think this is in too but if u don't like don't add in)
              (6)Egg - beaten (to mix together with the fish & potatoes so that it will form a paste texture easy to mould into a patty)

              Instruction: Just add everything together & deep fried the patties. I'm sorry that there's no quantity guide for u as I can only recall the ingredients but don't remember the quantity. Please exercise your own discretion kekeke


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                Hey i learnt that during my secondary school days too! Home Economics! That's about the only thing i've remembered from those lessons but yeah, i love love love those patties *yums*

                Ok this isn't at all relevant but i'm just excited that someone actually remembered this recipe
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                  wow, so many lovely recipes!! Thanks girls, keep it coming in please.


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                    AKA ABC soup

                    - Potatoes (5 larges one, cut into chunks)
                    - Onion (1 large)
                    -Beef , Chicken or Lamb (cut into chunks)
                    - Carrots (cut into chunks)
                    - Celery (cut into stalks)
                    - rosemary leaves for lamb
                    - crushed pepper
                    - salt to taste


                    Scald meat using hot water, set aside

                    Boil a big pot of water, put in scalded meat and boil for about 30mins
                    Then throw in potatoes, carrots, celery and rosemary leaves (if using lamb)
                    leave it uncovered, simmered over low heat
                    be sure to remove any bubbles floating on top
                    after one hr, u can cover the soup with a lid, simmered over low heat

                    I usually boil till meat is soft (abt 2 hrs)

                    for variation, u can throw in a can of peeled tomatoes, and then mash it up with a blender


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                      for me.. for convenience sake, i only have boiled potato (with some salt when boiling it) plus boiled egg... diced both and mix with pepper or black pepper... add in mayo.. that's all.

                      have to put salt while cooking the potato, if not the potato will taste quite bland in the salad. too little has no taste, too much, you'll get salty potato. Put according to the amount of water you have.


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                        santagal, You mean the salt will give taste to the potato even with the skin intact?

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                          yup... because there was once i forgot to add salt to the water while cooking the potato, and the potato tastes bland...

                          by adding salt to the water, the potato will be able to absorb the salty taste... always peel the skin after cooked.. if not, i personally think it takes a longer time to cook. To test if it's cooked, use a chopstick and poke. It is up to your own preference how soft you want the potato to be. Normally, we won't want to have it too cooked because it will become soggy.. not good for salad..


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                            Mashed and/or baked potatoes- where to get the best?

                            I've been craving for potato, where serves good baked or mashed potatos? (er...KFC not counted, I'm referring to authentic mashed potatoes)


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                              authentic mashed potato...hmmmz..I'm interested to know too!! i was about to recommend Goldhill's instant pkt mashed potato..yummy!!