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Tribute to Edith Piaf

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  • Tribute to Edith Piaf

    Hi, gals!

    Just wanna say that I enjoyed the music a lot and it's worth the price tag (though I did not pay for my ticket ). The narration and half of the lyrics are in English so if you don't understand French, it's still alright. Even without understanding fully the French lyrics, I still find the music and singing spectacular.

    Doing a little free promo for Alliance Francais coz you can't miss this if you love French/French music/music.

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    i am not a hardcore fan of edith piaf but i love her la vie en rose very much.. i can just played it all night long.. her voice is so sensual and unique.. indeed a great singer, the french songbird!


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      I love her songs. I don't really understand french but her unique voice brings it through to me!