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  • Fortune-telling

    Just bored so was thinking:-
    Have anyone of you went for any type of fortune-telling?
    Is it accurate?
    Can you share what happen?

    Personally, I did not go for any. But my Dad went for one years ago and came back telling me to be careful when I reach the age of 19.(I was then 15) Seems that he was told I would meet some mishaps at that age. Anyway, the only "mishap" I met at that age was having chicken pox. Was so depressed over the scars for years. Silly me.

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    I went to 3 such people before. The first 2 were more for amusement as they were half-accurate only. The 3rd was a lady and she was the one who made me ....

    Actually it was my SO's parents who know this lady 'shifu' and wanted my SO to go see her and maybe get some advice. So that night, I tagged along and together with his parents we went to see her.

    Am sure you all know that for almost all fortune-tellers, they will need your name and birthdate, and refer to a particular book to generate info for you.
    But for this lady, she did nothing of such.... ermm, only asked for birthdate. But that's all she asked for and sat down in a lotus position and closed her eyes. After a short while of silence, she began to generate a whole list of info about my SO. Everything from his job, income level, his health to our relationship was so darn accurate! And mind you, some of the things she pointed out was not even known to his parents, only the 2 of us know. And one thing that actually made me dropped my jaws was something that she pointed out about my SO. My SO, since young has this unhappy feeling that resides deeply in his heart and it sort of suppresses him. This kind of thing, only the person closest to him can know or feel it because on the surface, he always seems cheerful and good. What's more, we have never brought this up to talk about before. But she was able to tell this to us!! Especially when it was only our first meeting! I am really in awe!

    Later i asked a bit abt myself and this time, she didn't even closed her eyes or go into a chant. She just rattle off immediately after my questions. Yet again, she was so correct. She just swept me off like that!

    I'm going to see her again... this time would be for myself. After what she did, i just have to find out more! I just couldn't find an explanation to why she can know all this! :huh: PHEW!!


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      actually i have not gone for fortune telling before cos my mum told me its not very advisable to do so cos she say the fortune teller may put 'gong tao' (not sure how to explain, bad luck?)

      anyway i believe it is better not to go cos you may worry endlessly about the bad things


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        I went to a fengshui master to have my life analysis calculated, the events she mentioned from the time of my birth to now is fairly accurate, and she's predicted a few more things in the future, still waiting to see if that will happen.

        Satinchris, who is this lady you went to? Sounds interesting.


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          I really do not know her at all, and that was why i was really surprised when she said those things so accurately.
          What i understand is that my SO's dad know her through his own brother and all of them are in the same Qigong classes. She's married with kids, lives in Yishun and we all went to her flat that day. And she has a 'shifu' who is definitely more powerful than her.

          When i next see her, i shall dig more info


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            Satinchris: Interesting! Please update us after you see her again. But do be careful of what info you are taking in from her. Take in the goods and ignore the bads perhaps? I don't think I will have the courage to have someone like that to read my fortune. Afraid that she will say unpleasant stuff of my future and make myself worry too much.
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              Satinchris: This lady you met sounds so interesting.
              I personally am sceptical about fortune tellers, coz they usually seem to say pretty general things about one's character, health etc (from what I've read in the papers), so I've never been to one.
              Also, with regard to predictions, it just seems that many of the things they say may be interpreted in many ways, especially on hindsight; and well, some of it may have an element of a self-fulfilling prophecy...

              So reading your post has made me a less sceptical. Would love to hear more, do post a follow up.


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                i live in Yishun too! am very keen to go see her.....

                do share more?
                i went to the one in Hong Kong. drat, having mental block and can't remember the temple name.....if not wrong, it's Wong Tai Sin.

                I was with an ex-bf then, she told me straight that this man sitting before me would not be the one in my life. In fact, I would do well if i go overseas to study or work. I would get married only in my early 30s. (so sad) Stuff about me making it big if i run my own business but sadly also happen when i am in 30s.

                Means right now, i have to depend on my parents for $$


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                  yeah, i'm trying to fix another date with her again and shall post up when i do so.

                  i'm open-minded to what fortune-tellers say. if it's something bad, either ignore it or see if you can do something to change it. eg. sometimes they may point out that your bad temper may cause some misfortune. so changing your temperament is a good thing even if the misfortune part may not be true at all

                  alya - her flat is 74_ (3 digits), i can't quite remember. is at a major cross road junction and beside a white sikh (or hindu) temple.


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                    I went to this master about 5 years back who is an expert in palmistry. He told me that my future husband has some sort of a defect in the limb region and has a "very identifiable mark" on his face, close to the eye area. I was really appalled!

                    And now 5 years later, I'm married. My SO broke his shin in his teens and indeed has a bump on the shin area. Also, he has a very obvious scar above his eyebrow due to an accident. Incredible?!


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                      hey Miumiu, this is indeed incredible! so who is this master you went to?


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                        i'm always curious about such things but also a little fearful. it makes me wonder if our lives are in our hands or alerady pre-destined....


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                          Originally posted by snowstar
                          i'm always curious about such things but also a little fearful. it makes me wonder if our lives are in our hands or alerady pre-destined....
                          I'm a believer of Destiny. Fate. Whatever they call it. It's already written. Most likely by Him. He probably tabulated our life stories in the stars.

                          I've seen Fengshui guys before, one of whom is a famous one: Yiu Long Zi. He's really quite accurate. The one thing he said different from the other man was that I could be my own boss. Ha! (I ventured into a small biz once and failed).

                          I've also seen clairvoyants. More misses than hits. Reading fortunes through cards might be misconstrued - by these fortunetellers themselves! They tend to refer to incidents in general.

                          I think palmistry is similar? But I've been told that I'd faced many problems during my 30s and it's really happening now. Bleh!
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                            I have a colleague who has a natural talent for palmistry. He didn't learn it from elsewhere but just know it by taking a look at your palm. He mentioned to me the lines on your palm changes whenever there's a change in your life.


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                              i was told that the lines keep changing as you grow older.. and in a way, this is quite true for me some lines get deeper and more complicated..