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  • Stress!

    i am 99% desperately stressed

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    STRESS - this is one thing i handle everyday. my SO seems to think i handle it well. i don't get grouchy with others, i do not vent on my staff, i don't throw tantrums. i do not show unhappiness. i work best under pressure, results are always assured!

    but little did i realized it ate me & threaten to swallow me alive. i am told to stay home & rest completely so here i am for a few days.

    i am sure when i go back to work, my old self would take over me!

    that is probably a resounding YES to nic's questions!


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      yes! sad to say, I am stressed!

      I have a major psychology report due on the 31/10. To make matters worse, I have to write on Elderly Depression & Culture differences.

      Exams are 2 weeks away....

      However I cope with my stress by indulging in retail therapy..


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        I don't feel stressed at all. Maybe because I avoid it.


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          i'm always the stress-less student when i was in pri and sec sch... or at least i claimed to be. until i couldn't take it anymore sub-consciously, i'll let go... not breakdown... just find any reason, anything to pick on and start to grumble to my love ones like my mum or my SO.... i would pick on tiny little things which are not related to whatever i'm stressed on...

          the funny thing is i nvr admit that i'm stressed... i nvr talk abt it... not even to my SO. i just don't know how. mayb like SKY said, playing blind to it's existence.


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            After doing a 14 hr work day and sleeping for about 6 hours each day. This has been a terribly stressful week for me.
            There are times where I feel so overwhelmed by it. I'll just pull myself from work. Take a good lunch and then it's back to the grind.

            Stress is part of my's up to me on how i wish to deal with it.


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              I'm super stressed this week as I've got 3 projects to hand in.. :puke:
              Like Yvonne, my exams are also two weeks away and I haven't started revision
              No time for retail therapy too


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                Stress definitely exists everywhere. It really depends on how much a person can take before a situation turns stressful.

                I keep quiet when I'm stressed -> very quiet. :sotong:


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                  Originally posted by atypical
                  I don't feel stressed at all. Maybe because I avoid it.
                  Me too! But sometimes, when I need to rush for schedule, I do! Generally, I do not feel a thing at all!


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                    Re: Stressed, are you?

                    Originally posted by Sky

                    Friend, are you stressed?
                    Yes I am! *wink*

                    I get stressed when coping with planning -- my wedding (it's finally over!), my never ending projects (still here ), and last but most importantly, my life.

                    Currently, even at my not-so-young age, I have been placed in another cross-road. urghhhh...stressed....


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                      I have been plagued by this stress problem since younger days. This may be attributed to my perfectionist type of character. But I must say that I have learnt to let go more and take things in my stride. I still get spurts of stress and depression attacks, but I am able to identify them and control them according.

                      I have to agree that I do escape stress sometimes by going into denial and just surf net or do anything other than my work. But guilt does set in after that. That is when I feel :puke:


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                        yup,feeling stressed at this very moment...losta stuffs due, doesnt help though term is ending soon.
                        I do agree sometimes it gets me down, at the end of the day when i can't take it anymore, i'll be grouchy and breakdown..

                        however, i find that stress helps in its own way too
                        i'm a procrastinator, so when there's losta things to do, the stress turns into a driving force and makes me work more efficiently(read:not surfing the net/chatting while doing work!)


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                          I don't know if I'm stressed.

                          Ermmm... is there a stress detector?


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                            I'm an impaitent person by nature, so i'm stressed out easily if things didnt go the way i expected.


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                              Originally posted by dolphin
                              Me too! But sometimes, when I need to rush for schedule, I do! Generally, I do not feel a thing at all!
                              Me three! Generally I don't feel stress as I avoid it. My friends/colleague say I always appear as if nothing bad happens in my life...:roll: Don't know, maybe I don't show it.

                              Right now, I do have a few problems that I need to solve...