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  • Change of Name (Deed Poll)

    Hello people,

    What do you think about changing of name.
    Will this affect one in anyway?(young/old)
    Thought of changing my daughter's name.
    Would this be a good idea?
    Please let me know your feedback.

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    My hubby just read something recently. Most people change name so as to derive better fortune from the new name. However, for the fortune to come about, that new name must be "activated".

    Names get "activated" when they are used for more than 3 years, and at least 300 people know you by that name.

    So, I would say if you want to change name, change it whilst still young

    My personal take is: if it is for chinese name, it will be best if you can just change the character without changing the pronounciation too much. No point confusing the child and those around the child right?


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      How about Christian names?


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        Are you a christian? I'm not, so i can't answer in a christian's point of view.
        But if it's a general English name, then i think there's no problem. Just make sure to announce to all your relatives and friends of the new name.


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          If you want your new name to be official (that is to appear on your ic), you 'll have to do a deed poll. You can obtain the form at a lawfirm. I think they'll charge you about $50 for the fee.


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            Hi ya,

            Can I know what is a deed poll?


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              my mother have been talking about changing the middle character of my chinese name since i was 7..and till now..she still havent change it. *** about procrastination..

              hahah, then i know change 1 name is so troublesome..hmmz..those in sales whould be able to activate their names faster ba..sine they meet so many ppl everyday..


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                check out here
                change your name


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                  A Change of Name

                  Some months back when i was in Taipei for a holiday, my friend and i chanced upon this stall in Shilin that can predict your life based on the strokes of the Chinese name. My companion, being young and curious, went in for a try and i got sucked in too out of curiosity.

                  The prediction was predominantly bad to say the least with the exception of only one good but it was surprisingly quite accurate if i may say so. Upon knowing, my holiday spirit just desserted me and i was feeling quite disappointed coz i felt that what i have been expecting might just come true. Suffice to say, the prediction disturbed me somewhat and all my friends whom i have told of this advised me to change my name.

                  I'm quite a sentimental old fool so while half of me is keen to get a name change to something with the same pronounciation but different word, part of me is quite reluctant to believe in this thingamajig. There's this saying that your fate/destiny lies in your own hand and so you make your life. Even with the name changed, your life may not turn out to be as smooth sailing too. That's a risk to take for sure.

                  So here i am at a loss, not knowing what to do. I don't really trust my heart and mind this time so would just like to ask if any of you have encountered such a situation before and did you do something about it? And if so, is it really that effective, that your life changed for the better right after that?

                  TIA all


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                    I think it's a self fulfilling prophecy.

                    Imagine if you did change your name and things have turned out to be better for you, is it really because of the name change? Or is it because after you changed your name, you became more confident and positive as you believed things will change for the better, and so you start to behave positively to incidents that you encounter?

                    I believe a lot of stuff is up to us to decide. I'm a cynic so I don't believe in fortune telling or what not. Think about it, if it was that accurate, why isn't the fortune teller a millionaire? He still owns a stall!


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                      gwennie, it really depends on you whether to believe or not. But i don't encourage you to be so affected after seeking advice from one source only. The source might not be accurate sometimes, or they may exaggerate sometimes.

                      Coemt o the name change, if you believe that by changing your name, you might / yr life might be better, then go ahead. But of course, you might want to seek several opinions further before making any decision.

                      For me, since young, several people suggest to me to go for a name change. At that time, i was primary 3, and i was so hesitant, i told them "NO". To me, as a kid, i know nothing abt the bad side of a bad name. Now, i have grown up, and i was told by another few fortune teller to change my name. I knew it, i just knew my name is very wrong since from young. That's why i intend to change it, maybe by changing the strokes or pronouciation will be nice.


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                        Hi llucidity, i consider myself quite a cynic too actually Just that his words came as quite eerily accurate for me which shook me somewhat. And then of coz, there is that cynical side of me not trusting those words and believing that i myself make my life and not my name. Which is why i am apprehensive about the actions that i should be taking next: should i leave my name as it is (which i must admit that i do like the name despite its difficult strokes) or should i just succumb and change it

                        Hi Jess, besides that time in Taipei, i got my friend to count the strokes of my name for me too. She is quite a novice at this but still, her predictions turns out to be somewhat the same too. Just that it is more general in terms of descriptions and not as specific as the first.

                        If you don't mind me asking, how many fortune tellers did you go to before you decide to change your name? Have you changed it yet and if so, do you feel any difference in your life vs self-fulfilling prophecy?


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                          My grandma went to one when i was in primary 3 or 4 , my mum went to one when i was in sec, she even got a set of new name (same pronounciation, different strokes). I went to 2 fortune telling session this year, and one of them insist and advise me to change it, even though if i don't look for him to change, he still advise me to consider changing it.

                          I intend to do so, but still deciding who should i go? Frankly speaking i don't expect a drastic change. And yes, people will ask, then why change? I change it because i hope that my life will be smooth sailing . Sometimes, i believe things will work to my advantage if the worst is to come. But nobody knows till i really change it.

                          My name determine one important thing in me, and that my stubborness. I hope i can be better after i change it. To me, better be safe than sorry.


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                            When i was younger, i was very skinny, very weak and prone to sickness.. even sitting in the car for like 10 mins make me sick...
                            Then, i dont know why but my parents brought me to a fortune teller who changed my name for it.
                            It was the same chinese name( in reading) but is different words.... and subsequently, i wasn't so weak anymore. Now you could say that i'm an above average outdoor person... and no longer skinny.. sigh.
                            I don't know if it was the name which really helped.. but somehow, when you cannot find a root to a problem or you are keen in preventing something bad from happening, it doesn't hurt to believe.. afterall, if changing your name won't help... then it won't be able to hurt you too.
                            You have to like your new name at least.
                            I love my new chinese characters.. they are 'old letters' and way cool! hahaah


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                              can i ask, if i got the new name, must i change in the identification card too? I think i need to change is asap.