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  • Regrets on Actual Day

    I just had my wedding last week and there were a few hiccups here and there...On looking back, I kept thinking of what I should have or should not have done on that day..

    Does anyone have such regrets and how do you deal with it?

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    I had a great wedding day despite all the things that went wrong, including the zip of my dress jamming while I was getting dressed for the ceremony. I wouldn't change anything about the actual day.

    But there is one thing I regret. My husband's groomsman's girlfriend was hanging around my bridal suite uninvited all day. She sat on my bed and painted her nails, and wouldn't stop kaypohing while my mother and my bridesmaids were helping to sew me into my dress.

    After the wedding, everyone told me I should have yelled at her to get the f--- out of MY suite instead of gritting my teeth and tolerating it. It's been almost half a year and I still wish I'd done just that!!!


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      Mine was my SO removed my veil a little late and it left me no time to mingle with my guests during the cocktail hour and all of them came early just to mingle with me. On hindsight, I should have ask my SO to remove my veil earlier when we were sitting around waiting for the JP to arrive.

      My wedding was just last week and I feel like I've let my guests down. Sigh..


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        Oh definitely! I wish I wasn't as fat, I wish I splurged on the photographer I really wanted, I wish I had a better speech, I wish so many things! But 1 year on, it's just the wedding DAY. It's just a day!!! Now you have a whole life to do things you won't regret doing. There are so many more things to look forward to, than to spend time regretting.

        I'm sure your guests enjoyed themselves and were happy for you. Cheers!

        And 1 year on... we still haven't chosen our pictures for the wedding album. Haha!


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          Hi Five!!

          So am I, one year already, and I have yet to choose my wedding photos!


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            Wedding photos!? As in those taken on actual day? U mean you gals haven't received them yet? Oh dear, what happened?


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    's one year for me too.....I wish I had stayed chosen another MUA without considering this MUA who claimed to be a so-called the end my make-up was so hastily done...


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                Originally posted by Limin View Post
                Hi Five!!

                So am I, one year already, and I have yet to choose my wedding photos!
                Now I don't feel so bad... I received mine in soft copy a month after the wedding, it's been half a year and I still haven't chosen the ones for the album!!


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                  With regard to spending time with friends - those who are true friends will understand. Don't worry about it babe. There's only so much you can do on the actual day.

                  For my wedding, we tried to create more mingling time with friends - we had an additional afterparty after the dinner and invited everyone to join us. About 40 friends stayed behind to drink some more and just chill out with us.

                  And for other friends who came from overseas for my wedding, I planned additional meetups with them before they went home.


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                    Oh oh I am not alone I have also yet to choose my wedding photos and it is close to a year already! Hahaha my mother was commenting that I probably still wont do so after my baby is born next year :S


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                      We received our softcopies about 2 months after the wedding... but we have not got down to choosing the 100+ pics for the album

                      Hope TS is feeling better now!


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                        my wedding was over for 1 year
                        i wanted to post this topic too. but scared no replies....

                        i had many hiccups on my actual day wedding too...

                        been googling on how to deal with wedding day regrets to make myself feel better....

                        one of the methods is, to just think about the good and happy things about your wedding, and it somehow works....

                        For my regrets, I wish i was willing to splurge on better photographer and videographer..... i wish i had another MUA was late for my dinner.... as a results, i could not have the chance to take photos with my guests at the reception.

                        Also, My wedding gown could not fit me properly due to the weight i lost in 2 days after final fitting.... which i don't know why it happened...

                        my emcee backed out last minute, i found another friend to help.

                        And my husband even brought the Wrong Montage !!!!!

                        And many many other hiccups... but of course there were happy and nice happenings at my wedding as well, for example the dance i did with my husband, that was perfect.....

                        i used to be like all of you here, disappointed with certain things, and obsessed with my wedding regrets..... When i view AD photos of others, i would feel terribly upset..... i would not say i had totally let go of this, but somehow, i didn't think as much as i did few months back. I felt much better now ..... i believe time will heal wounds...

                        What i must say is..... Wedding details are important, but they are afterall little Details..... The most important thing is: you have married your best friend... you have just married an amazing man and have so many wonderful times ahead, and then your disappointments won't seem to matter as much.

                        Wedding is for A Day..... But Marriage is for A Lifetime.

                        I think we should all Let go of the past and concentrate on building the Marriage than to be obsessed with the regrets ~ Cheers ~
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                          how about regrets of the choice of SO
                          i seldom hear of runaway brides in singapore, its too expensive to run away here.


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                            oh gosh im surprised so many of us have not selected photos for the album, i'm one of them too, LOL!

                            well, my AD was about 2 months back and straight away, i had plenty of regrets.. but now, i have to think what hard about what they were, LOL! i guess biggest regret was not having time to mingle with my guests coz by the time we were done with the table shots, i only had a vvvvvvv short period of time to say hi to a few people before we had to send our guests off. should have probably come down before dinner (an excuse to get another dress too ) so that i could have more time with my guests but it didnt occur to me at all.

                            also, i forgot to thank my bro & sister in my thank you speech :p it was really hastily written..

                            and i realised in the morning, i could have seen part of the gate crashing but i forgot my windows were tinted so i didnt dare peek! and i should have gotten my photographer to take more couple (poss posed) shots of the both of us.

                            BUT at the end of the day, all small regrets, no biggie. like chewie said, it's just a day!

                            oh, and i do regret not splurging for my pre-wedding shots, but i think that money will be put to better use anyway, so no biggie.


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                              We do have regrets here and there when we looked back. For mine, I only have one minor regret and that was not hiring a videographer. But I have a major one that caused me to cut ties with my in-laws ever since my wedding day.

                              I just want to tell all brides-to-be, no matter what happens, you have the BIGGEST say on your wedding day! Do not let anyone step you down and if you are uncomfortable over certain things that happens right in front of you, say it out on the spot and not bottled it up. No one can force you to do things that you are unwilling on your big day