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  • Best Coffee Maker

    Does anyone here know of a good brand? and Which one makes a satisfying cup of coffee with the foam on top? I want to get one for my dad's birthday.... The only one I hear of is Krups....

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    hi fuchsia! i heard of Bodum too, they're like really respected i think


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      I have the krups expresso maker and I luvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv it!! You can make expresso with that and the side is where u can foam up(warm) milk. I'll never use the normal coffee maker ever again. HTH


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        I got a Krups too. Makes a good espresso with nice "crema" on the top. You can also foam up your milk & make cafe latte.

        Krups have quite a few different models. Mine is pretty much mid end. Bought it for about $600.

        My dream coffee maker would be one that grinds coffee beans, brews & does everything without me having to lift a hand. That'll cost way too much for now. It's in the thousands! Well .. I did say it's a dream.

        I'll never drink coffee made by a percolator any more either.


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, I see why your user name is coffee....

          Yikes!!!! $600! oops...I didn't know it was so expensive....I want to get the $150+ ones.... hmm.... I saw those $1000+ to $2000+ ones at Tangs...and they look like they can really make a good cup of coffee! yUm. That's my dad's dream coffee maker too. But too bad, not a millionaire now....

          ok..So Krups and Bodum are good brands...Will check them out and see if they have any in my budget... Thanks!!


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            Not sure if this brand is available in Singapore but I have one by Breville and it's great. Think it's called Cafe Roma and it's only around $200.


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              One (or two!) cup coffee makers

              Does anyone have recommendations for coffee makers (it can be just an ordinary filter coffee maker) that makes just one or two cups' worth of coffee? It's for me to bring back to the UK, and I don't need all that much coffee since it's just for myself first thing in the morning I saw one at Tangs today - it's from Princess, makes one cup but is a really small cup! It's $19.90 (and then the 6% rebate )

              Would really appreciate any suggestions! Thanks


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                Brauns is decent too. I had a mini one which can make up to 4 cups.


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                  Nywoe!! Here's something for u.

                  A good & cheap one is from Philips. Model is Senseo. Vy popular *** most european families have it.

                  Available in European cities only. Euro40 only, give foams on every cuppa. One downside is must get special powder from Europe.
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                    vernis: thanks, I came across that while doing research online The problem is that you can only use Senseo coffee pods with it, and I want to use the kopitiam type coffee to make filter coffee. Thanks anyway!


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                      yah, that's the downside.