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    Hi all. Has any of you heard about Ted Collection? Any comment on their service & workmanship??? Thanks!
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    friend of mine got her ROM cum dinner dress done there.
    the workmanship is superb. but you must have a v clear idea of what you want your dress to look like and convey it across so that they understand. she had some problems with the back of her dress at first. but she had quite a number of fittings, and the dress came out ok in the end.


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      Originally posted by vixette
      but you must have a v clear idea of what you want your dress to look like and convey it across so that they understand. she had some problems with the back of her dress at first. but she had quite a number of fittings, and the dress came out ok in the end.
      I don't doubt of the service & workmanship because I can see that they are really good these. About the idea & design of the gown, I must be very clear. THis is the same advices given by my bf's friend too..... :roll: Is it because the designers' idea is not creative enough or their design is not good enough??


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        Ted Collection has a promotion for S$2K including:

        1. 1 wedding gown
        2. 1 evening gown
        3. 1 teadress (without beading).

        All gowns are Measure-to-made & for keeping.

        Men-suit: S$450 without vest
        S$600 with vest

        Is it cheap??


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          I had signed the S$2K package on last Sunday. Waiting for the measuring now.... it will be in end of May or June.


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            My mum and mum-in-law had their dresses made there. The workmanship is indeed fine. But as the others have mentioned, you need to have a CLEAR idea of what you want. I nearly had a dress done, but decided against it. I was so glad I did not do it because everytime I accompany my mums for fittings, I would see at least one bride fitting the EXACT same copy of dress that they sketch for me. I don't think they are very original, but workmanship is alright.

            However, if you can find a good tailor elsewhere, I reckon its much cheaper for you to do it outside...


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              Thanks for the advices, ginger. I had thought of the same problem too, but I think if I go to other BS, will face the same problem too. In fact, there are not much choices of designs for the gowns & cheongsam. Since I am the brides, there are some restrictions when choosing the designs. Factors: Venue of the wedding banquet, body shape, materials, skintone, bride's characters...Etc.

              Yes, their workmanship is really good. I saw their customers' photos before, I can notice some designs of the cheongsam are duplicated, just that the materials is different. :roll:

              I saw a friend's gown from Ted Collection before signing up the package. I was impressed by her wedding gown from TC. It is comparable with other bridal shops, nice beading. Actually, this changes my mind of not signing up with TC at that times. So far, I didn't see any duplication of wedding gowns & evening gowns there, but only cheongsam. I think more people go to TC to made MTM cheongsam now. That's why the possibility of seeing duplicated designs is higher.

              Now, I have some designs on my mind already, I will ask them to design something different from others before making my dream gowns. Just hope that they won't find me fussy when choosing the designs.
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                Hi shon, frankly I have not seen their WGs before, you are right, probably the duplication is on their cheongsams. What was scary was that the cheongsams were all done using the same pattern of cloth! But I have to say the workmanship is really good, this is something that you might not get in most normal BS.


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                  Don't worry, Ginger. I had noticed this, in fact, i will request for different clothes when making my CS. I know they encourage customer to use floral cloth, but I don't like it very much.... :roll:


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                    The $2k package sounds attractive. Let us know how after your fitting ok, Shon? I am still searching for the right gown/bridal shop for me :roll:


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                      Hi, Coyote. Nice to see you here. Got any Bridal shop on your mind now??? Ted Collection is under renovation. The new shop will only open after 15 June in Upper Cross Street, near Chinatown.

                      I am still waiting for my measurement, 1st fitting is still long way for me....

                      Are you interested in visiting Ted Collection (TC in short form)?


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                        Hmm... I was planning my wedding half-way and attacked by chicken poxes. Now very no mood as face got pitted holes and body lot of marks too. Don't think look nice on gown. I only started an initial lookout on bridal packages, saw Milan $2988 package not bad.


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                          Oh, I c..... Don't worry, Coyote. You still have enough time to let the scars to heal & fade away.

                          About my S$2K package with TC is only 3 MTM gowns (can be kept) without photography & Makeup artist. If you are doing the a la carte way, then you can consider TC. Or else, you can MTM your CS / Evening Gown there. TC is famous on Cheongsam (CS) and nice beading. Some people think the price is a bit steep, S$600 - S$1k depending on the beading and length.

                          The Milan package seems attractive. Does it include the photography & MUA??


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                            Milan package inclusive of photography and markup. Only lack is car. But that was a promo price, don't know whether is it still applicable :roll: I got the information from on-line bridal forum. Can't remember is Female or Her World...hehehe... old already, tends to be forgetful...


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                              Coyote, you better check it out early. If not, the prices increase, then you have to pay more.