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  • YMCA Fitness Classes

    has anyone tried their fitness package?

    for 12 months, it is $55 per month with unlimited access to all the classes they offer :

    -pilates (multi-level)
    -body combat
    -body pump
    -body conditioning

    i'm just wondering about the quality of the teaching and the facilities. any opinions greatly appreciated!

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    i tried their aerobics before... the usual cardio and also step aerobics. it was fun.. except that laziness got into me again and i havent been there for some time already.

    the trainers are pretty qualified. you can check their brochures -normally there is a profile of the trainers. some of them have gone through those aerobics types of competitions and won before.

    I've seen their kick boxing classes, its quite packed. Btw, the aerobics is not restricted to gals only.. (unless they have changed their rule), i recalled there was this angmo guy who regularly attend the aerobics classes.


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      I think there's a new price...


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        but the classes quite limited, anyone know if the studio is big and usually how many people?


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          Actually quite expensive right? For 60+ a month comparable to those PF or CF gyms, those have other gym equipements somemore.
          SDU always have programs at YMCA, shall take advantage of that next time.
          Thanks for posting the info!


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            Compared to those fitness centers, pricing is reasonable. Eks, I'm interested in aqua aerobics. But how to fit into the class when there's no more beginners...... for a 3mths period, it does look expensive
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              you can try sports complex aqua lessons ,cheap and good. Think its ard 80 for 10 or 12 excluding entrance fees to swimming pool.



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                Where can I find out more information about sports complex? They are mostly located next to stadium? I'm quite lost about sports complex because I dont see any in my area (near Bukit Batok). Thanks

                Btw I called up YMCA, their 1 mth charges is $90++ thats EXPENSIVE! Gosh. and I'm thinking if I go for aqua aerobics, then I will miss few lessons (think at least 3) when my menses starts. Anyone has idea if YMCA pool is inside the building? Lessons still continues despite rain? Thanks!


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                  hi vinlogo

                  can try going to this website to get more information.
                  There is only one at Bukit Gombak, if not, the nearest will be Choa Chu Kang sports complex that have a swimming.

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                    i think bukit gombak, CCK or Jurong East. =) you can use

                    to see when the next class is starting.


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                      I nearly faint when I saw the commercing date for aqua aerobics at swimming complex. Dec 05 seem way too long

                      3 months YMCA
                      $71.00 per month x 3 months ($213.00)
                      $82.00 per month x 3 months ($246.00)

                      just wondering why is there 2 different pricing for the same period of package signed at YMCA? Thanks.