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    hi everyone =)

    i'll be visiting my bf in perth mid april and we plan to be doing touring and shopping. has anyone been to perth or currently living in perth and knows the place well? i was hoping i could get some insider tips abt food, accomodation, shopping, touring etc.

    Q1. where can we find yummy and affordable food?

    Q2. where are the best places to shop? i need in particular the address of places where i can find Bloom cosmetics, Becca cosmetics, and Bonds lingerie. =) other recs for good surfwear shops, and just eclectic feminine whimsical fashion would be very much appreciated too!

    Q3. what places should we check out? i'm very intrigued with the idea of picking apples in an orchard, cuddling with koalas, visiting museums, picnicking in a park, watching movies/plays...

    Q4. what sort of accomodation choices are available for us? we're hoping to spend as little as we can on accomodation without compromising on safety and cleanliness.

    TIA! =)

    - ying

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    I was in Perth years back, and since I wasn't the one who did the planning, I couldn't remember much of it.

    However, I do remember a few wonderful moments. Shopping at Fremantle market being one of them. Not exactly in Perth but a short bus ride will take you there.

    Also, seems like everyone loves the dolphins at Monkey Mia. So if you want to take a side trip, that's a good place to go to.


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      erm...u mean ur bf is in perth right?
      surely he knows where's all the good food, and where to stay right?


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        Hi Feine,

        I live in Perth. Bloom Cosmetics can be found in Myer and David Jones, which are pretty much everywhere. (The biggest of both of them are in the city). You can find Becca Cosmetics in Mecca Cosmetica in Claremont, which sells a lot of makeup you can't find anywhere else in Perth, like for example Stila and Vincent Longo - but very expensively priced. Bonds lingerie can be found in Myer and David Jones as well - though Myer probably has a larger range. David Jones also sells Marcs, Marcs Babydoll, Sass & Bide, Morrissey fashion.
        Surf shops are pretty much everywhere.

        King Street in the City has a few good stores worth checking out. There's Luxxe, which sells Australian women's fashion like Sass & Bide, also has Bloom (which sells some products slightly cheaper than David Jones and Myer), underwear, decorative things and bags. Very nice store!

        Kookai is also on that street. -One of my favourite stores. Very girly and pretty clothing. Some of their clothing is really colourful.

        Other stores on King Street include Louis Vuitton, Watches of Switzerland, (brands like Tag Heur, etc etc), Subway DC and some cafes. -The Becca Cosmetics office is also located on King Street. I *think* you can buy Becca from there as well?

        For shopping, apart from the city, you should really check out The Colannade in Subiaco, (lots of Australian and international fashion), and Claremont Bayview Terrace.

        For shopping centres, Garden City in Booragoon, and Karinnyup Shopping Centre are my 2 favourites.

        Sightseeing/touring..I think the Margaret River Chocolate Factory is worth a visit. It's in the Swan Valley, on West Swan Road. You can buy lots of yummy chocolate and it is pretty popular! I actually just went there. (They have another branch actually in Margaret River, but this one is a LOT closer).

        Kings Park would be really nice for a picnic, and the view is beautiful at night. They actually screen movies there at night, where you just take your own picnic blanket, food etc and watch movies, like an outdoor cinema.

        Hope that helps!! You can PM/post me if theres anything else.


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          appleger: yep, my bf is there, but he's there for pilot training so he doesn't get to explore perth. he just stays in camp! ha. i'll be visiting him during the easter hols when they're all free to roam about so we'll be doing some touring together. =)

          rei and kare: wow! those are great tips! i'll take note of them. thank you girls =)


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            Hey Ying ! *WAVES*

            Hehe..i 'd never been to Perth so i can't help here but it's nice to see u on Cozycot !!



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              Originally posted by feine
              appleger: yep, my bf is there, but he's there for pilot training so he doesn't get to explore perth. he just stays in camp! ha. i'll be visiting him during the easter hols when they're all free to roam about so we'll be doing some touring together. =)
              cant help much
              but enjoy ur trip!


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                ya u can try doing some shopping in Fremantle market
                It a weekend market and there will be lots of intresting stuff.
                And dont forget to try the Red Rooster there it a fast food resturant. Think about it make mi drool ~~~`


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                  Australia>Perth & Fremantle

                  I know Western Australia is better known for its relaxed pace of life and scenery (all that nature stuff --love the sea creatures though) but are there any places where I can go shopping? Real shopping...clothes, cosmetics, lingerie, shoes, bags etc
                  Last time I was in Perth was about 7 years ago, so I think there'd have been changes right? Can someone please clue me in on the places to visit and stuff to buy? Thanks thanks!


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                    shopping places would probably be Hay Street (its their version of Orchard Road), Garden City (the only Lush outlet is there ), Carousel (HUGE shopping center), Subiaco... there's definitely more

                    Fremantle market on Sundays.. Definitely check out Claremont too, Mecca cosmetics & FCUK is there.



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                      sorry, must be really tired..was looking at the threads trying to pick out Perth and Fremantle but couldn't see this one
                      aren't the stuff sold at mecca much more expensive than what we can get here or from usa? i'm more interested in items that are cheaper in aust. than in sg, or unique items which can't be found here.
                      i didn't know there's a chocolate factory!!!! o WOW now i know the first place i must visit, followed by the beach for the dolphins

                      hmmn, how long do u think my trip should be in order to fully explore/experience perth?
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                        i dont really like perth cos i find it pretty boring but shopping there is great

                        target (soemthing like walmart/k mart) also carries bonds, it also has cosmetics which we dont have e.g. cover girl and the range is a lot wider than what we have back home

                        garden city is GREAT for shopping, we couldnt finish shopping there, keke... i like sportsgirl and kookai

                        not sure about what other places you can go but fremantle market is a must and so is swan valley. can check out the winery tours and chocolate factories


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                          okay, it's confirmed, i'll be there for the whole month of may (well almost, returning on the 30th)

                          any travel tips/ideas? or itineraries?


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                            they say the perth zoo is worth checking out. we drove past there once but never went in

                            if you've got the time, drive down south to albany. i did that back in dec 2001, we took a loong drive down and along the way, stopped at alot of hotels and b&b and stayed over. went down by the albany highway IIRC and most of the stops were along the way. came back up by the margaret river way. i remember going to the caves too.

                            warning though, its quite boring cause there's hardly any shopping that way, mostly sighseeing took us around 10 days?

                            the other trip that i took in 2001, i stayed for a week and just shopped around perth. went to hay street, garden city (my sister stayed very nearby), carousel, subiaco, northbridge (for food and clubbing) to name a few

                            the beach is a nice place to go too there's cottosloe (sp?), scarbourough and another that i can't remember. only been to those 2.

                            just out of curiousity, what are you going to do there for a whole month?


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                              i just really need this time away from here. uhm, besides shopping, i'm thinking of visiting fremantle and swan valley, going to the different beaches, swim with dolphins (really looking forward to this!!!!)..yea that's about it, and if i can pay for them online with a credit card, maybe take a ride in a hot-air balloon or sky-dive