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  • muscle ache

    can anyone recomend a good cream/ointment for muscle aches? i always get muscle aches after doing exercises and it hurts so bad for many days.

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    deep heat can't remember the exact name but the tube is white with a red cap.

    do stretch lots before and after exercising


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      i do stretching but i still get muscle aches. i think it's because i seldom do exercises then now im doing it, my body cant take it. i do really vigorous exercises.


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        zam buk works for me but the scent is really overpowering!

        try taking a hot shower it works!


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          oh i just remembered another one, yoko yoko (i think that's the name, clear liquid that you apply to your legs with the sponge applicator.) i remember my aunt using it

          if you've just started exercising after a long period of rest, best to go slow


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            Actually the best way would be to do very very light exercise. Yeah I know it sounds riduculous but I used to be from cross country and my coach said that muscle aches are due to lactic acid accumulation or something so you should "spread it out" by light stretching and maybe a stroll... I'm having muscle aches now cos i went for a jog yesterday for the first time in 6 months!


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              try counterpain,it good for relieves muscle ache.


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                I've used Deep heat, Yoko yoko and CounterPain before... still think that Deep Heat is the best....

                but don't apply a whole load of it at a go.. else.. the heat that comes after the application will be wow.....

                but think cos of the heat.. makes me feel it's working.. haha..


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                  Try yoko yoko. It works well for me.


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                    haha okay. actually im also doing a sport-gymnastics. thats why i have really bad muscle aches. i just bought salon plast stickers to stick on before any sport or exercise. hope it works. just had my PE today and gosh i totally strained my muscles