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  • Language wants to be free

    i would say it is part of my everyday language....
    although i am quite mindful of the appropriate behaviour shown

    there is a such a thin line between tasteful and tasteless language.

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    i think it depends on the context, like sometimes i get really frustrated at work but i dont swear or at least i dont use the f*** word

    but when i'm with my friends i do swear at stuff, the funny thing is most of my guy friends think its very unlady like to swear but i still do it


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      I used to not swear but i guess i caved into peer pressure The most common one i use is the 'f**k' word, i don't misuse it but i do use it when i wanna emphasise a point hehe...


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        i curse as and when i feel like it. but usually i only do curse severely when i'm really angry.


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          I think I curse quite frequently and unwittingly, especially if you consider stuff like 'shit' and 'damn'. But then sometimes I go without cursing for ages.

          It's part of everyday language for some, appears cool to others, and seems rude to many. :roll: I think the latter are prudes who usually really loosen up especially if you're in COLLEGE :roll:


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            I HATE swearing. I tends to cringe everytime I hear someone swear.

            My boss is an Australian and according to what I was told, most Australians in our industry tends to swear a lot. I heard many people commenting that my boss often blurt out the F-words in front of them.

            But strange enough, he never swear that in front of me, despite the fact that we work very closely. But,....there was once, he almost said out the whole F-word but he stopped just in time after the sound of "F". It was so close and it must be the F-word. Maybe someone has mentioned to him that I cringed at the sound of that word.

            Nowadays, due to stress and deadline, "bloodly h*ll" become one of my "popular" languages. This is bad. I am trying to curb that.


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              I swear quite a bit. Someone told me once that I should wash my mouth out with soap. Yeah, right. That fella thinks girls shouldn't swear. So the men can & us ladies can't??? That's just plain bullshit *pardon me*

              Swearing to me is nothing. It's more for emphasis & has become quite natural to me. I say the F-word sometimes & I don't see anything wrong with it. Some people say bloodyhell, freakin hell, damn, dang, whatever ... they're all the same thing aint it?

              Sometimes, if I feel the person with me could be the prudish sort, I'll apologise after.


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                I don't see what's the difference between 'Oh my god', 'good gracious', 'damned', 'f***' or 'shit' ... I mean, they're all just expressions pple use to vent or to emphasize something. sometimes pple say 'fish' instead of 'f***' , I honestly can't see the logic, I mean, are they shy? Is saying 'fish' better than saying 'f***'? Don't they come down to the same thing? I personally think that pple who can't handle swears are just plain prudish or narrow. And I also don't refrain from swearing in front of pple who don't like it , esp when I am very worked up coz I've heard 'fish' coming outta their mouth so many times. It strikes me as really silly to be saying 'fish' or 'shucks' (which is really a combination of 'f***' and 'shit') when u really wanna say 'f***'. *lol*


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                  Originally posted by atypical
                  I swear quite a bit. Someone told me once that I should wash my mouth out with soap. Yeah, right. That fella thinks girls shouldn't swear. So the men can & us ladies can't??? That's just plain bullshit *pardon me*
                  HEAR HEAR!

                  I HATE men like that who get all uppity when they hear me swear, accusing me of being ladylike and acting as if I'm being less than female by doing it. What double standards! I'm not saying that swearing is good, but we shouldn't have to conform to some arbitrary standards imposed on us by men. :roll:


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                    maybe not entirely related but do you have guy friends who avoid swearing infront of you? i work in a male-dominated firm and my boss and colleagues try to avoid swearing infront of me. once my boss got really fedup and said the f*** word while he was telling me something and he aplogised immediately. i found it so funny cos i mean i use that word too...


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                      lumos, my boss said that to me once (was ranting abt something) and he stuck out his tongue and said "oops"

                      oh well i was laughing to him and said "no no, it is okie! F***!"


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                        i'll usually utter an apology if i swear in front of friends. i'm quite free with commonly used words like "shit" too. with the F word, i'm more careful coz it's just not a nice word to say at all! you naughty girls.


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                          depends on circumstances..

                          sometimes u swear unintentionally or when u're angry, it's a different issue.

                          I will apologize if i think it's very crude... most of the time, my fren will understand why i swear


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                            I don't really swear infront of people.
                            I sometimes use "damn it" or "darn it" but not the more vulgar ones.

                            if I'm really angry or pissed, it doesn't get any better after mouthing those f*** or s*** words.
                            it only demeans the speaker.

                            I once heard a girl shouting to a guy "f*** you" and guess what's the reply?
                            he said "sounds good! where do you want it?"

                            see! it puts the speaker in a worse position.
                            so think before you say it.


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                              I only swear at work when I'm on my nerves. It's frequently used in my workplace anyway.