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    Heya cotters...

    I have been procastinating on taking up my diving beginner's course.
    Really want to stop dreaming about it n JUST DO IT.

    Planning to do it in Redang ...
    or any similar beaches ...
    most probably in the 3rd or 4th week of April.
    Looking for kakis to join me...hee...the more the merrier..and cheaper too!
    But since the peak season is coming...must book fast before it is all taken.
    hahhaha Any like-minded takers....? for a short escape far away from the concrete!


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    Hey gals,I intend to go for a 3 day 2 night short trip to one of the beaches.Any recommendations?Budget within $400 and please state the travelling time as well.

    I was considering redang, but the trip is about 4 hours,not sure if I have enough time for that.


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      hi girls, i read something about Redang in the thread, Jemay have you been there? Others?

      I'm thinking of going to chill out, any idea which hotel to stay, I've narrowed it to berjaya redang and the new laguna one (i think that filmed mo mo teahouse or something like that there)

      Any recs of hotel? Is beach in front nice? How's the snorkeling at marine park?

      Lastly, usually you guys stay for 4N3D (first night on coach i think)?

      thanks for answering my long winded qn.


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        lolitapop, Jemay has been there

        It's a long bus ride if you are going to Redang, around 9 hours. Usually an overnight bus ride and you reach Terengganu at 6 plus in the morning. From there, you take a ferry to Pulau Redang which takes around 1 and 30 mins.

        There are different resorts at different stretches of the beach. The prices of the rooms at different resorts are usually indications of the luxury factor.

        I stayed at Redang Beach Resort and they have new chalets built when I went in 2002. The water is so clear and I saw my first sea turtle, stingray, morray eel and octupus (elusive) for the first time in my life. It was really fun. Snorkelling at the marine park is good. The sea is filled with marine life!

        IMHO, the quality of the resors don't really matter to me. I was out on the beach 3/4 of my time when at Redang.

        Go book your holiday and have fun, dear!


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          Malaysia - Redang

          Anyone has any good deals for a 3 days 2 night trip to Redang?


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            I'm going there with my bf, most probably first week of next month. I'm also looking for a good & cheap deal. Will let u know if I've found one.
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              I'll find one day when my bf and i are free to go down to people's park or golden mile to check up on their Redang tour packages
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                Hi Aries, you may edit your post and write in the correct/proper spelling for the ***.


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                  hey aries,

                  let us know whats the latest package! I am looking for one too.. wanted to go Redang for a short holiday!


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                    I'll be going down to fivestars tour agency at tampines and people's park tommorrow evening to check up on their packages. Will keep you all inform!


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                      I just signed a $328 package 4N3D with 5stars tour.


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                        sounds good! what does the package include besides transport and accomadation?


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                          Mine is a package for Twin
                          $328 (additional holiday charge of $20 included)

                          Two way seater coach
                          Two way jetty
                          2 nights accomodation at Berjaya Redang Hotel
                          Daily Breakfast, 2 set/buffet dinner
                          Welcome Drink
                          Free 2 snorkelling trip with gears

                          Leaving on 3rd June


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                            Hmm.. are u going for 4D3N? how come you are only staying for 2 nights at Berjaya Redang? :huh:

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                              No, coze my package is 4 nights 3 days, which means that we'll need to spend one night on the bus to there, and another one night on the bus back to singapore. So that left 2 nights which we'll spend at the hotel.