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GirlFriend left me with an open bridal package.

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  • GirlFriend left me with an open bridal package.

    Dear all,

    I have a sad story to tell.

    Last October, my girlfriend of a short span of 1 year 8 months , left me because her feelings for me were no longer there. I had a hard time getting over it. But thanks to time, i managed to sit down and relax now.

    However, back in 2002, we lost our head to a bridal shop which sold us a package which i paid the deposit immediately. At that time, i thought of marriage with this chick.

    So, as of today, without her, i lived on. But this naggy package is killing me emotionally. Anyway, i am handing over the package to my dear sister.

    She roars like a lion. So, if any thing happens regarding the handover, i can be assured that she will overpower the staffs there.

    So, anyone with a similar story with a broken past?

    The moral of this story.. Don't be fooled by the present. It could fool you.

    The fool : me.

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    Sorry to hear your story. Glad that you have calmed down and moved on.

    As for the package, I hope it is from a reputable bridal. To make sure your sister doesn't "lose out" in any way, do go down to the shop with your sister for a proper "hand over". Meaning, your sister can go through the contract that you have with the bridal shop and see if there is anything she doesn't agree with. Clarify any doubts or bargain for anything she wants first before agreeing to the hand over. I believe they will make her counter sign on the contract again.

    All the best to you and also to your sister


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      So sorry to hear about your story. Its great that you have manage to pick up the pieces and move on with your life.

      Well, life is never a bed of roses.

      somewhere down the rocky road i am sure you will meet someone new that wishes to spend the rest of her life with you

      Till then..have fun and chill


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        Thanks Baby.

        Dear Cotters,

        I'm touched when i read your replies to my thread.
        Yeah, i have moved on.. feeling happy.. hahaha.

        A bit off track from this thread..

        Watched Starsky and Hutch last week.. It was really funny.

        Should go and watch it.. laugh ur socks off.