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    I will be going to Bangkok next week and would like to buy a travel journal for the trip. Anyone have bought one before or something??


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    hey dear, i've seen quite a few in Borders do take a look there.

    i do take travel journals on trips. usually just a simple notebook i write and draw and doodle in.


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      this sounds like a really good idea! i think i'll start a travel journal too when i leave for bangkok in six weeks.


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        personally, i think any lovely notebook with blank pages will be good enough. cos you can write it any way you want, draw stuff, paste a picture, ticket, sweet wrapper or what not.


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          I always use the tourist guide as my travel journal. Any places featured in there which I have been to, I will just put a mark and write down some reflections there. Good to keep and reminise and can be good informations pass on to friends as well.


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            Hmmm... I will go check Borders for the Journal. Thanks, Islande

            I don't travel much, so when I do, I would like to remember it for as long as I can

            I think a plain notebook with pockets for little knick knacks you collect is nice...


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              used to do that when i was younger but somehow stopped (i think i ran out of space in the book )
              now i'll just use a plain simple notebook


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                I finally put together a travel journal

                Those at Borders are a little expensive. About $21 each?? I've seen 3 designs there but none of them have a sealed pocket which I'm looking for to put my knick knacks... Maybe I'm being fussy

                Anyway, my travel journal consist of a $6 A5 binding folder, refillable and you can but extra pockets and paper.. I think my journal is good enough