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    Watched it on Sunday!
    Really loved the finale, plot was a little thin but hell, singing was awesome!
    SO thought it was ... OK.
    For ABBA fans I suppose!


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      watched it on Broadway and i loved it! i got balcony 5th row seats so had a pretty good view of the stage. found myself humming/singing along 80% of the time.

      gotta love the finale!


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        for those who watched, which is your fave part/song, and who's ur fave character?

        i like the finale part best...oh oh oh...dancing queen!

        as for fave character, i like the tomboy auntie. she's so funny!


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          caught this tonight. there was some drew and napier thing going on as well so there were a lot of high powered people dressed beautifully. the drew and napier people even had goodie bags!

          anyway back to the show, the plot was thin but the singing was great. a lot of people were dancing and clapping along during the finale, all in all a great night!

          do check it out if you havent bought tix yet!


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            I want to go badly but dh doesn't want.. No kaki to go with! Friends all not interested..

            The only person wanting to go is my sis in law but she's gone to Nottingham for studies on the day Mama Mia is open.. So terribly sad..


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              I enjoyed it although I was a bit guarded initially. ABBA songs are simply too infectious. My seat was high up into the ceiling; everytime a song came on, all I heard was feet tapping near my ears cos the seats're placed very steeply.

              I totally loved the pink dresses the dancers were wearing during the finale!