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  • Gout problems

    My dad seems to have this recurring gout problem, when ever he takes bean-type food, his feet swells and he has problem walking cause it becomes too painful to walk. He needs to go to the clinic for a jab to bring down the swell.

    Anyone's parents has such problem? I am comtemplating about him to be treated with TCM, but not sure who is good.

    Any case studies or suggestions?

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    my SO has gout, supposedly it cannot be cured, what the patient needs to do is to watch his diet and not beans e.g. toufu, dou hua etc

    also he must avoid seafood and other stuff


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      My late grandfather used to have this problem. I could see him in pain each time his feet swell and he would have so much difficulty walking about.

      Gal, Pls advise your dad to be discpline and control his diet because there is nothing much that you can do.


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        The doctor should have provided a list of foods to avoid. He has to avoid them (not easy because it's an extensive list) or risk painful recurrence. Drinking more water helps- to dilute the uric build-up in joints.

        Also note that gout may be hereditory, mainly down the MALE line so if you have male siblings, they should note their dietary habits before it strikes.


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          I guess most important now is for him to avoid having too much protein food. Cos these breakdown into uric acid which will accumulate in the joints and cause pain...

          Most important to avoid:
          - Red Meat
          - Beans
          - Tofu etc....

          You cant actually cure gout..I think...only way is to prevent recurrences...

          I am not sure about TCM...maybe you can ask your doc about it...