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My occupational therapy interview

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  • My occupational therapy interview

    am quite puzzled and upset today.
    went for my occupational therapy course shortlisted entry interview this morning. I'm really not sure how I fared. I've spent the entire afternoon since morning up till now trying to figure out what I could have/should have said and how the interviewers felt. They maintained that cool polite demeanour, I really can't quite tell if I fared well or not which worries me coz normally I can tell if I fared well. They started the interview asking me why I had chosen to go overseas to do my degree after my 'a' levels. To which I replied, I wanted to gain more exposure and new experiences. Then they bombarded me with qns like why I did marcomm and now want to do occupational therapy, to which I said, I wanted a job which relates to real pple in which I can care for and help them. Coz I think it is meaningful and gives a sense of job satisfcation which I really can't find in PR/events related jobs. Then they asked having left my marcom job to go flying with SIA for 3 years, dun I feel 'unglam' to be in occupational therapy. I stated that I never went flying for the glamour to begin with, it was about the free travel, and never planned for a long term stay in airlines industry. throughout my interview the interviewers were straight faced, and I really have no idea if they were convinced by me. They were like, do u know the reality of occupational therapy? U work in hospitals and communities helping pple with disabilities, I said, yes , I am fully aware. they asked again, are u sure u can do this? I said I have sourced around and thought about this much before applying, my interest is genuine and I can do this. *sighs* I really dunno how I fared. After the interview they smile ask me to ask questions and then that was it. Did I do bad???? I really can't tell.

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    hi there cefindre,

    Firstly....take a big deep breathe and give yourself a pat on the back!

    IMO, I think you fared pretty well. Don't tear yourself up by going through and analysing the interview over and over'll just drive yourself nuts (i know its hard NOT to relive those moments).

    Some interviews can be really tough and utterly personal and intrusive as well as interogative. And to have survived one is an educational experience in itself, so do cheer up.

    When will you know, either way, the outcome of the interview ?



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      thanks chox
      outcome's about 2/3 weeks time. am headed to auckland to visit my bf next friday, but I'll be able to check the results online. u're rite... I'm thinking and fretting about it too much. Last nite I had been so pleased thinking about my trip next week, now all I'm thinking about is bad reply from them!!! argh. I'll try to watch tv or go out to take a breather, or I'll drive myself nuts!!!!
      Hey, thanks for listening/reading though!!!! really appreciate it.


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        hi gal,

        good to hear you're looking up

        woohooo...going to NZ ! envy envy have an awesome time and do pop by CC to let us know the results!


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          hi, glad that you went for the interview and from the sound of it, it sounds pretty good. now, just enjoy your trip to NZ and do let us know how you fared.


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            hi girls, thanks for the consolation, went out and shopped for mother's day present, kinda got my mind off that interview.
            leave it in the hands of fate , already tried my best ..haha, i sound like william hung!!!!

            mich, u know the stigma of being labeled 'glam'/'bimbo' stewie, very annoying, it's a stupid stereotype. anyway, heck it. will enjoy my trip!!! if u're going to akl, drop me a note, I can bring u to nicer places than ding how...keke...


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              i will cefindre. how long will you be in akl?

              totally understand what you mean about the bimbo/glam stereotype. i get very very embarrassed and terribly annoyed. but just ignore such comments.

              now i wish i can muster enough courage to look for my dream job myself.


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                did you get the scholarship for it? i'm interested in this job too but right now i need to support my family sigh... do keep us updated on it


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                  I'll be in akl until 30may. about 2 weeks in all. i might drive up north at most, but this time round I think I'll stay put in akl mostly coz dun want to spend so much money with the career switch and all. Go with ur heart babe, I mean what u like to do , ur career interests, slowly feel ur way around then once u know which path, go for it and try. Don't feel disheartened, I also took almost 1yr plus to think of what to do next. At worst, save money and fly, when u hit ur later years, open business hehe... fun!!! Always thought it'll be really nice to do those basic beauty shops type of business, since we can try out products from different countries and if it's good, bring it into sg.

                  nope, I haven't tried for scholarship yet. I must get the entry reply from nyp first then try for scholarship. However, I have had friends who took this and other health sciences course, they told me that the entry into NYP is the determining factor coz once u get accepted, the hospitals would generally approve scholarship due to the shortage of graduates. I'm really dying to get my reply!!! btw, I did apply for 3 courses, OT was first choice, 2nd was physiotherapy and third radiography. hopefully, I get into at least one, OT at that! urself which course are u going for??? I think u can try for scholarship then it won't be so hard on ur finances. will let u know the outcome once I get it. hopefully it'll be positive!


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                    my combi in jc was chemistry, economics and maths, no biology

                    am only interested in OT actually and maybe physiotherapy, sigh will probably wait until next year. was interested in nursing too but the thought of administering injections kind of put me off


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                      same!!!! hehe, I mean I thought of nursing, but scared of the injections and bloodiness and A & E wards. my older sis is a nurse, I always hear her tell me stories. Shouldn't be a problem without 'A' level biology, as long as got 'A' level science is good enough. actually I hadn't expected to even get shortlisted for an interview, so I should be thankful I got this far. 40 slots /year for the course, and only one course in sg, sounds abit tough to me. I thought my age would be a disadvantage. am 26 yar, really hope for the best outcome. next year sounds good! least it gives u more time to save up extra!


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                        cefindre: can i check with you, when do you specialise for OT? i'm more inclined towards speech therapy and intellectual disability e.g. autistic children, intellectually disabled

                        did they ask you this during the interview?


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                          hi lumos,
                          nope, they didn't ask me this during the interview. but I did ask them a few questions, coz I have more interest in pediatrics and mental health disabilities. In the 3rd year should be the specialising year, but no, I dun think they really care about what I want to specialise in, I think they were more like scanning to see if they think I suit the course at all. I still dunno the outcome yet. argh!!!!


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                            am in akl now... no reply as yet. to be exact it is now 2 weeks and 3 days since the interview. guy told me reply would be out in 2 - 3 weeks time. argh!!!!! I have this sinking hunch I *** get it rite? think so...
                            and I dread leaving akl... argh, life sucks.


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                              don't freak out. hope everything will turn out fine.