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    so so happy that chompchomp is re-opened after such a long renovation!
    I am heading there tonite for supper with friends!!
    read that day on straits times that the must try is BBQ STINGRAY,
    HOKKIEN MEE, ROJAK and so many more....
    die!!! gonna down all these at midnight!! how sinful can it get?!
    anyone got any gd recommendations so that i can add on to my sins later? hee...

    shall come bek n give a sinful report!

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    Fried Oyster, Wanton Mee, Carrot Cake, Satay Bee Hoon


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      WOW!! droolsss!!

      omg! qiu....u really tempt me big-time!
      hahhah my friends are all gonna freak out later
      when i order a table full of food!! weeeeee


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        Yeah! Must try all the food


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          I think Serangoon Gardens is seriously overcrowded now, esp. with the re-opening of Chomp :roll: If you girls wanna go, better go on a weekday


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            Agree!! Very difficult to find a parking slot too


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              The wantan mee and fried oyster are must trys! My late grandfather love the fried oyster there.


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                bbq stingray!

                but i always get lost when i go there dad always drives us there in the past but we stopped going already..

                which store has the famous bbq stingray? i remember loving the one that i had but i can't recall which stall we ordered from!


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                  For BBQ stingrays at chompchomp , i've tried almost all the not differ much....only a slight difference on their chilli..all taste geat!!

                  i think the most famous one is the "chomps chomps BBQ" -- 1st stall....


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                    will look out for that the next time i go there


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                      Instant gratification!

                      just got back from a great satisfying supper at Chomp!
                      food there tastes as good as it used to be!!
                      No problem findin a parking slot and table
                      even tho' it was quite crowded! 5 min is all it took
                      b4 we happily wolf down
                      our stingray.....sotong....oysters...fried you tiao....
                      n a giant glass of lemon sugar cane!
                      Heaven!! absolute heaven!!
                      wooohoooo....thank god
                      i dont stay in serangoon hahaha
                      orelse im gonna go outta shape for shure!

                      my verdict!! the die die must try is:
                      the sambal sotong!!!
                      somewhere beside the rojak stall run by the two brothers!!
                      next time i wana try satay beehoon, rojak, hokkien mee and their desserts!! tonite..too much ...cant down any more food hee.....
                      so nice to sin again!!


                      oh no..tmr i better drag myself to the gym!! gosh all the calories .. BURN BURN BURN! :piss:


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                        Is the famous bbq stall called "Lucy bbq"? It's beside the rojak stall and has a black signboard.


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                          Qiu: im not sure if it's "Lucy bbq" hhheehe..coz my friend was the "waiter" doing all the ordering..but i guess it is the same one as the one u referred..with the black signboard..but my god reallie their sambal sotong!!

                          The fried you tiao that my friend ordered from another stall...
                          not shure which one tho....was not that fantastic....too fried...
                          and very little meat stingy..


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                            u gals shld try the rojiak.. on e left side of e hawker ... managed by 2 or 3 guys.. very nice!


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                              Yes the famous bbq stall is called Lucy. it took up 2 stall spaces, at the left side when you walk in by the main entrance. The boss is a funny man call Mike.