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    i always order the porridge and stingray..nice~


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      I love the fruit juice there !! haha.. very cheap !! 1 big big cup only $1.50 much worth it compared to the sugar canes !!


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        i love the hokkien mee yum! But have to wait pretty long, about half an hr..


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          anybody knows which stall sells nice char kway teow?


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            can i ask a favour from you girls?

            how about setting up a organise thread with the food and stall name by the side? like the cosmetic price/spree thread. easier to read. wanted to go there w/ my bf but don't know which stall to order from.

            usually for 2 person, how much food will you girls order? or usually go in a group?

            here's what i read...

            lucy's stall

            Fried Oyster



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              chomp's like my main hangout for supper cos i stay near the area.

              my favs are

              Lucy's stall

              egg beancurd

              mango snow-ice with choc sauce toppings


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                lurve sting ray,
                hokkien mee, carrot cake, bbq chicken!!


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                  went to have dinner at chomp chomp on sunday. the lucky stall doesn't taste good at all.. the other stall, a few steps away taste better. even the fried oyster and stuff.. blah. only satay is excellent..

                  still prefers newton circus..


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                    I staying 5 mins walk from chomp chomp... haha can recomment you **** some nice food

                    BBq, veg==> die die must try lucy
                    wan tan mee ==> behind corner store they make their char siew themself
                    hokkien mee ==>behind right hand side store by the old man
                    The fish soup in front is not bad
                    you tell & tao pok ==> right hand side store near hokkien mee store
                    oyster egg ==> right hand side store

                    As for chao kway tiao the one at the food center near the police station is famous.

                    Chicken rice die die must try pow sing


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                      Originally posted by forgetmenot
                      As for chao kway tiao the one at the food center near the police station is famous.
                      I don't like the char kway tiao there... not very nice IMO. But at the same hawker centre, 3 stalls away, the Zhu Zar Tang (called Pig Organ Soup?) is very good... long Q every weekend...


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                        forgetmenot! think you stay near me! i'm erm...10-15mins walk to chompchomp haha


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                          huh.. the lucy's chili no frangrance and taste one. ordered sotong.. but it looks like they just boil it..

                          the fried oyster, long queue but still .. not crispy at all.
                          carrot cake at the back is still not bad.. $3, huge potion w/ 3 prawns..
                          ordered hokkien mee, but we ordered too much, so give away..

                          the stall i mention, facing lucy, to the right, the lala is nice! stringray not bad though..
                          but i won't go chomp chomp anymore.. plus no air ventilation.


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                            whoa shan so condemned chompchomp ah! hahah


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                              maybe it's only me.. is this counted as condemn? lol.

                              but it's really not nice.. my friend who went with me, and even my colleagues also say lucy's not nice.. well, i prefer my fried oyster to be crispy...

                              the chomp chomp before upgrading is better.


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                                Alishan, me also anti-chomp like u

                                The Ang-Sar-Li hawker (next to the NPP) is also no better. the S$6 Aussie fish & chips is a cheat IMO